Interviewing Oscar: A Day in the Life of My New Guinea Pig

After the tragic loss of my sweet guinea pig Gus, I decided to look around and see if any guinea pigs were in need of a forever home I could adopt. It happened to be my lucky day when I met Oscar at the Humane Society and fell in love once again. Instead of just writing an article on my new guinea pig, I decided to interview him and let him speak (or squeak) for himself! 


Kellen Brandt (KB): Hi Oscar! Thanks for letting me interview you. 


Oscar: ...



KB: Oscar, what's your favorite thing to do in your free time? 


Oscar: I love running laps in my cage, begging for snacks, crawling up the side of my cage to get to the top, and trying to jump out of my playpen and escape.  



KB: What's your favorite food? 


Oscar: I love green peppers, oranges, purple lettuce and tomatoes. I hate bok choy leaves and never eat them when they are hidden under my purple lettuce. 



KB: What’s your favorite way to annoy everyone you live with?


Oscar: I really like gnawing on my cage aggressively and driving all my roomies crazy. They hate it, but I love it!   



KB: What's your nickname? 


Oscar: I have accumulated quite a few so far in my short stay this far, but some of the few are Osky, Oscar Wilde and Oscar Mayer Weiner.  



KB: Can you do any tricks? 


Oscar: I learned how to jump on top of my castle.



Oscar didn't have much to say, but he seemed pretty into the interview at least. He usually doesn't pay much attention to me unless I have food, so I had to bribe him with various treats of peppers, carrots, lettuce, and tomatoes—all his favorite things. 


Oscar sure is one of a kind, and his interview really showed it!