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Infused Water to Make You Say, “Ahhhhh”

Infused water is one of the easiest things to make and has so many positive benefits. All you need is some good old-fashioned tap water, ice, and your favorite fruits, vegetables, or herbs.



Adding these items to water has many benefits:

·      Boost your metabolism

·      Improve your mood

·      Detox your body from toxins

·      Fills you up

·      Helps with weight loss

·      Clear skin

·      Increase your energy

And the best part, it’s zero calories! This inexpensive beverage will leave you feeling refreshed, but not guilty about consuming an expensive, trendy juice or smoothie.


My favorite infused beverage is water, ice, a few lemon wedges, and fresh raspberries.



Another one of my favorites is water, ice, blueberries, a few lime wedges, and fresh mint.



Here’s a handy tip: Fill an ice cube tray with your combinations of fruit, veggies, or herbs, add water or fruit juice, freeze, and add to tap water in a few hours! This is an easy way to subtly add flavor to your water throughout the day while keeping your drink cold.



I have included an image of some tasty combinations that you just have to try!




Haley Anderson graduated from Winona State University with a degree in mass communication: public relations and a minor in marketing. Haley is a firm believer that a shopping trip at Target, a peppermint mocha, and a quick stop at Chipotle can solve all of her problems. She enjoys traveling, jamming out to the newest hits on the radio with friends, trying out happy hours at local bars and restaurants, and pinning outfit ideas and dream travel destinations on Pinterest.