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Influenster Update: Receiving My Second Box

About two months ago, I wrote an article about the mobile application Influenster.  If you want to know all about the app itself, my previous article explains everything you need to know. I was curious after receiving the first box how long it would take to get another one (or if I would ever get another one).


Each “campaign” for the box you receive lasts about a month. Following the campaign for the Dove deodorant, I received an email about a week later with a survey. The survey asked me a lot of questions regarding the types of products I would be able to test out and my preferences on colors of things. The surveys do not mention any brands, so there is no way to know what products they are referring to.


About two weeks after that, I got a notification that I was getting another box! I was so excited because they said it was a box that included a Laura Mercier lipstick. This is definitely a step up from the inexpensive deodorant that I received the first time.



I received the box about five days after. When I opened the box, I realized that I not only received the Rouge Essentiel lipstick, but I also got the Color Infusion Blush in the shade Rose and a Longwear Lipliner in the shade Baby Lips, too! The total worth of the box was around $90.



I was honestly shocked that they had sent three high-end beauty products for free in exchange for my personal reviews.



This campaign was slightly different than the last one. The only thing I had to post on social media to get the regular “badge” and stay in good standing was a picture to Instagram. This was a lot easier because this time I could just post a selfie wearing the lipstick instead of a random picture of deodorant (lol).



Overall, doing the campaign for this box was very quick and painless. It just included some online reviews, reviews on the app, and a selfie to Instagram with the brand specific hashtags. I really hope they keep sending me boxes because I am curious to see how they could step up their game and improve the next one from here. This also proved to me that this app is actually legitimate and they do send out really cool new products for free. If you are into saving lots of money and getting makeup from brands at Sephora delivered to your front door, I would definitely check Influenster out!

Lauren Lott

Winona '19

Meet Lauren Lott, she is a writer for Winona State Her Campus. Lauren is an English Literature major with a minor in Public Relations. In her free time, she enjoys reading, working out, hanging out with friends, watching an excessive amount of youtube videos, and drinking coffee.
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