If the Purge Was Real in Winona

Monsters covered in face masks and equipped with weapons become a reality in America in the movie The Purge. Twelve hours of no laws where everything is legal is the scary reality on the night of the Purge. The definition of purge is to cleanse, rid, or clear OR to make an abrupt and violent removal of people. In the movie, people cleanse their souls and minds by killing others. Can you imagine if the Purge was real? What if it was allowed in only Winona?


Imagine: You wake up on Thursday the 12th at 8 a.m. Sixteen hours until the Purge begins. You rent protective equipment for your dorm roomfive door locks and a metal cage to cover your window. Freshman year is at the most unknown point of the year. Who knows which peers will be back to class on Monday?


You don’t have class because your professors are preparing for their planned-all-year purge. You and your friends decide to go to Goodwill for a last-minute costume… as if you’ll actually take part in purging. But you’re a nursing major, so not everyone is going to make it into the program! Limited competition would be nice, you start to think.


After finding distorted face masks and elegant white clothes, it’s decided that you might as well take part in the purge. It’s freshman year, after all; things will never be this easy again. Your friends’ friends know some random guys who sell weapons… “Am I really going to use this?” you think. “Of course, how else will I protect myself?”



Ways the rest of this night could go:

A. You pretend you’re sick and take advantage of your well-protected room. You spent over $200 on this alone.

B. You take advantage of the offered weapons and don’t let your costume go to waste. You know you’ll for sure go outbut then what?

C. You’ve made a decision: I’m going out. While you’re out you could

1.     Explain to your friends you want to be the protector, and only the protector.

2.     Hunt down other nursing majors and increase chances of getting into the program.


The climax and end of the story is up to you. I can’t imagine how scary it would be if purging became a reality. Pointless killing with no security or safety, can you imagine? Let’s all just live vicariously through the movie and save the violence for the silver screen this Halloween season.