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How to Survive the Aftermath of Spring Break: Survival Kit

A week off of school is just what you needed. Seriously. Whether you soaked in some vitamin D, caught a lot of ZZZs or spent time focusing on yourself, a week off truly let you feed your mind, body and soul. Sadly, one week can go by so quickly and then it is back to that colorful planner of yours, but you’re in luck because HC Winona just received their Spring Break Survival Kit and it is full of products that’ll keep you feeling pampered and get you back on track!

Lack of Motivation?

To get your mind working again we have a light read for you: Actually She Can. This is an issue about the size of a standard magazine. It is filled with all things success and empowerment. The campaign “Actually She Can” will make you feel powerful and motivated to dive back into all things school and extracurricular because the content is full of confident events and experiences that’ll help you see that your dreams and ambitions can turn into reality. Take leadership into your own hands and show them that #ActuallySheCan.


Feeling yucky down yonder?

Spring Break is all fun and games until you get a UTI . . . painful, uncomfortable and probably the worst thing EVER. To help with this little problem, we have Cystex: a dual-action formula that contains a pain reliever to ease the pain plus an antibacterial that keeps the infection from spreading while you wait for a doctor’s appointment. They come in a small tablet form but provide huge results. Other competitive brands only have phenazopyridine (an ingredient to relieve some pain) as the active ingredient, when in reality you also need something to stop the pain and the spreading. No wonder Cystex is the #1 brand of antibacterial protection!


Heigh ho, heigh ho, off to work you go…

Nice break you say? Well, it’s back to reality. Homework, studying, tests, papers, activities, meetings, sleep, food, breathing, etc. Yeah, we get it: you have to schedule your life because you are busier than a bee. Well, HC WSU has you covered with the most stylish and effective planners and accessories we have ever seen: Erin Condren – deluxe monthly planners, in-bloom sticker sheet, and colorful dual-tip markers. These incredible planners will get you right back on track (even if you don’t want to). Feeling prepared and organized really helps to ease the stress and keep you moving and healthy. You can also sign up for the EC eNewsletter and take 10% off your first order! Plus, learn about how to earn money to spend by referring a friend with their awesome referral program! It’s always easier when you’re organized, so why not be organized in style?


Bye beautiful tan, I’ll miss you.

Whether you went somewhere with beautiful warm weather or you just want to moisturize your skin because it’s Minnesota and it’s drier than my sense of humor, HC WSU has the product for you: L’Oreal Sublime Bronze – bronze self-tanning towelettes and bronze tinted self-tanning lotion. The easy application and streak-free look create a lasting impression! The reviews are endless, just like the variety of products. For more information visit: http://www.lorealparisusa.com/tantouring


Sick of the same old, same old?

Let’s shake things up a bit . . . break may be over, but the fun never has to end. Pull that cute outfit back out and get ready to hit the town again, but in style. The Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips lipstick samples and the Juicy Couture accessory are the perfect elements for any night out when you want to stand out or just want to try something different than what is currently in your makeup bag. These cute little samples will surely turn some heads and be an excellent conversation starter! The Juicy Couture accessory is a statement piece to any charm bracelet.  


Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Now that break is over, it’s time to go, go, go, GO! More coffees, more thrown-together outfits and more bags under the eyes. What is there less of? Probably showers . . . I mean, let’s be honest: 1. Showering every day is horrible for your hair. 2. Showering takes a lot of time (guys will never understand). To aid in this struggle, we have Freeman Beauty Tropical dry shampoos! Dry shampoo is a great day to spruce up those roots and put some life into some lifeless hair. When you are on the go, you need something fast; what’s better than a dry shampoo that is also a travel size savior? Yes, please!

This is Gabriella Ingebrand: Junior at Winona State University majoring in Advertisement. She is a master when it comes to wasting time on Pinterest and making a mess while baking in the kitchen. She is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Winona, President of Dream Closet Winona, Communication Specialist for AdFed, and Social Media Chair for her sorority. All in all, Gabriella is a free spirit always trying to have a good time.  
Meet our Campus Correspondent Mariah Mrotek! Originally from Racine, Mariah is a Mass Communication Advertising major with a Professional Writing Minor. You can usually catch Mariah loving up the cats at the local Winona Area Humane Society or getting her last minute shopping fix at Target. She is an avid writer and believer in the power of intuition. As an advocate for the Minnesota Epilepsy Foundation, she strives for change. She really enjoys the fall season and the amazing honeycrisp apples it brings. Her ideal place to vacation at is a cabin up north by the lake. Mariah hopes to continue to see and enjoy the world’s beauty after graduation as she pursues a career in Social Media Content Management or Project Management.
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