He Is Here: A Poem about the Search for Existence

I asked God for a sign once,

Honestly hoping for my love

To appear and help me during the months so dark.

But God works in mysterious ways.


I asked God for a sign once,

Expecting something obviously laid.

Expecting something that shouted:

“This is it! This is what you’ve been wanting.”

But my search for His existence began to fade

Like the rays of sunshine on a day so grey.


Part of me had given up,

But part of me did not want to let go.

I noticed the beauty of the world I live in,

From the bluffs covered in powdery snow

To the city lights reflecting off the calm waters;

From the harvest moon watching over the Earth

To the street lights slicing through the tree branches like razors

On a misty night.


I asked God for a sign once,

And He reminded me that His creations took time.

The fiery sunsets,

The silent snowfalls,

A loved one’s laughter—

It was all His way of telling me

That He is here.

He made this all for me.

God works in mysterious ways.