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Guydance: Girls Making The First Move

Dear Guydance,

Would guys rather have the woman pull the first move, or do most men like pulling the first move?





LOVE this question. MAKE THE MOVE. Especially if it’s something you want. I can tell you that this situation is hands down one of the most nerve racking moments in a mans life. There’s so much to account for…timing, smoothness, awkwardness, trying to be classy, the possibility of rejection…it can be quite mind boggling. I think men making the first move stems from the tradition of intimacy etiquette and chivalry, instilled deep within our loins through history. 

But a woman who takes charge in that situation can be sexy since it breaks that traditional thinking. It alleviates any overthinking/stress a guy is having and it makes him feel desired, which is what we all want of course. You can rest assured that 99.99% of men will never turn you down either. Sooo if it’s what you want, go ahead and make moves.




Austin is a senior majoring Public Relations with a minor in Communications at Winona State University. Austin was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri but chose to attend Winona State (MN) to get away and play collegeiate football. When he has free time Austin loves to socialize and meet new people and he really enjoys sharing his sense humor. Austin expressing his creativity through writing and would love to incorporate that passion with his career one day. After college Austin wants to see as much of the world as he can to help him be successful with whatever career he falls into. Some of his favorite hobbies include the outdoors, eating everything, movies, working out, traveling, and enjoying a cold brew whenever he gets a chance.
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