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Fuzzy Feels: My Thoughts on National Sock Day

To me, socks are an underrated clothing item. They can hold so much personality but do so humbly in the darkness of our shoes. They also keep our feet warm and protected. This December 4 is National Sock Day, and the way I am going to celebrate is to rank my favorite types of socks, with 1 being my favorite and 3 being less of my favorite (but not least because socks are all unique and cool in their own ways).


1. Low-Cut Socks

These are the socks I wear the most. They are thin and tight-fitting—making them easy to wear because they don’t bunch up easily—and they hide fairly well in your shoes. I have a rather extensive collection of low-cut socks thanks to my best friend’s mom who usually buys me a few super cute pairs for my birthday or other special occasions. I also attribute my love of socks to her. 


My collection of low-cut socks has an overwhelming animal theme in their designs. Included in the mix are hedgehogs, cats (several pairs), dogs, mice, flying pigs, foxes, zebra-print and leopard-print. 


I also have food item designs, which include cheeseburgers, sandwiches and s’mores. 


Solid colors are less exciting, but I have greens, blues (in solid and plaid), black, grey, orange, yellow and pink.


I also have TV show-themed socks from my slight-obsession with The Walking Dead a few years ago. Designs include zombies, bloody handprints and ‘I heart Daryl Dixon.’


2. Fuzzy Socks

At home, I pretty much live in fuzzy socks. I also often wear a pair of knee-high fuzzy socks to bed in the winter when my house is freezing


I have a decent number of colors and patterns, which include white with red stripes, white with red and silver stripes, white with purple and blue stripes, light blue, pink, grey, red, purple-ish/pink, red with pink hearts, and white with purple, blue and green stars.  


3. Long Socks

Long socks are not my first choice of sock, but they are great for wearing with boots and keeping your ankles warm.


I have a few fun patterns, such as colorful stripes, cats, coffee mugs and Christmas trees.


Also included in the mix are socks made specifically for boots, which I have in solid colors, such as white, black and khaki.


I hope you enjoyed my little sock-themed ranking this National Sock Day! In this crazy world, take this day to appreciate the fun and warmth that socks can give us!


Anjuli is a senior at Winona State University majoring in applied and professional writing and minoring in psychology. She is interested in broadening her writing abilities and writing about topics that she is passionate about. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her three cats, going to the movies and traveling.