Fun and Safe Fall Activities For You and Your Pod

If you’re in the dorms at WSU right now, you know that our visitor policy is pretty strict. You can have two people in your room at a time—either one from another residence hall and one from your residence hall—or two from your residence hall. No off-campus students from WSU are allowed, including those who go to St. Mary’s, MSCS and anyone who doesn’t live in WSU res halls.  


When you have a separated friend group like mine, it can be pretty tricky to only see about half of it regularly, so I looked for a couple activities that we could all do together! These are just a couple that are relatively cheap (under $20), but there are a ton of possibilities, so get out and look for them!


1. Apple Orchards

Ferguson’s Apple Orchard in Galesville, WI is a little farther out than the other options here (about 24 minutes from Winona). The cost to get in is $7, which includes a season pass to the orchard. Apples are available to pick, and it’s $10 per bag or $20 for those Honeycrisps, so you can split the bag between two or three people.


2. Outdoor Movies

The bandshell showed Casa Blanca as a drive-in movie in the first weekend of October. The group may be interested in showing a few other movies as well (if turn-out and involvement is good). Seats must be reserved ahead of time; the event is free, but a donation is encouraged. Keep a lookout for future movie screenings! 


3. Car Picnics

This is my personal favorite. If you have a larger vehicle (or even just a car), there are no limits. Pop a couple blankets and pillows in the back of your car and have a tent-like sleepover. Bring a laptop and some popcorn for a movie or plan to play a board game with pizza! Note: please only do this event with people you live with or who are within your small pod as you aren’t going to be getting a ton of particle-free air.


4. Hikes

Get out and enjoy the foliage! Winona is known for its scenery, so lace up a pair of hiking boots and go see some nature! Just be careful where you step and be prepared for a real workout. Hiking is some tough work, and you should always turn back about halfway before you want to. Make sure you bring yourself some water, a few snacks and a fully charged phone. Also, let people (like your RA, another friend who wasn’t feeling it, your parents, etc.) know when you are all leaving and when you should be back, just in case you need someone to come get you.


5. Walk in Town

A less intense form of the activity above, a walk around the town, might raise your spirits! There are a lot of cute shops around, and Bloedow’s Bakery may welcome the traffic! Make sure you wear good shoes, as parts of downtown are about a mile away from Main campus, so getting some steps in won’t hurt!


Like I said before, there are a ton of other ideas I didn’t list here. Get out and enjoy your community but stay safe and as always: Make. Good. Choices.