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To the Friend I Lost Too Soon

To the friend I lost too soon,

You were supposed to be celebrating your 22nd birthday today. Instead, I am remembering that six months and two weeks ago, you were taken from the world. Your compassion for others was one in a million and the world is a little darker now that you are not in it.

It still does not seem real, you not being here. Every time I go home, I think that maybe I will see you walking down the street.

I can’t remember the last conversation that I had with you, but I will never forget your laugh. I will never forget how your smile lit up a room and instantly made me feel better when I was having a bad day.

I hadn’t really spoken to you since high school graduation. Life got in the way, and I thought that we would have more time. You would have been an amazing elementary teacher, those kids will never know how truly good you were.

I will never hear you laugh again. We won’t ever decide on a whim to go play laser tag and lose to those sneaky seven-year-olds. I won’t ever hear you quote every single line in every Disney movie that has ever been created. I will never again have a Disney movie marathon with you. I miss you and the world lost an amazing person way too soon. You were one in a million.


Fly high my (good) friend.


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