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Finding Your Sanctuary

As important as it is to go to class, study, and spend time with friends, it’s equally important to find time for yourself – time for you and only you. In college, you’re often surrounded by people all day long, which can be mentally draining. Find your sanctuary, your place of refuge to be alone. Go off the radar for a little bit.

With all the time devoted to studying, clubs, and other obligations, it can sometimes be hard to even find time to take a deep breath. However, mental health does not belong on the back burner. Finding a place to recharge and clear your head is essential. Being a successful student may be your priority, but make sure you’re happy too.

Take time in that space to decompress. You can take your mind off the world’s problems, allow yourself to do that. Spend time with your thoughts, write in a journal, drink your coffee, whatever it is that brings you peace and makes you feel rejuvenated.

You may ask yourself how you can find this place of peace. For some, it may be their dorm, for others, a certain spot in the library or maybe even the bathroom stall. It’s your place to go to breathe. It doesn’t even need to be a particular place. Maybe it’s going on a walk, putting some earbuds in, or spending some time in a hammock.

It’s okay to be a little selfish about having and wanting time for yourself; I even think it’s vital.

So, find your sanctuary, wherever it may be. It’s the only thing that will keep you sane.


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Alexa Jo is a senior at Winona State studying Psychology and Communication Studies. She enjoys learning new skills, getting outside, upcycling clothes, and hanging out with the people she loves. She likes to write stories that are real, raw, and have just a touch of humor. She writes because she believes she has a lot to say, and wants to talk about the things others are scared to talk about. She uses her writing to share her experiences and uplift others. She hopes to one day work for a non profit in campaigns for social change.
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