Finding Serenity in the Small: 10 Little Lovely Things That Bring Joy to My Life

Life can be really stressful, and, at times, it can seem like it is too much to handle. The next time you are stressed or having troubles finding things to be grateful about, take a look at this list and make your own. 


1. The smell after a fresh rainfall

This smell is called petrichor. Along with enjoying the smell, remember that many places on Earth are experiencing droughts and haven’t experienced rain in a long time.

rain leaves nature green plant


2. Whooshing wind before a storm

When the wind blows through my hair, I always find a sense of safety. Even with the impending storm, I enjoy knowing that I am lucky enough to be alive and experience such a specific feeling. 


3. The crisp sip of cold water in the morning

When I was younger, I always found it intriguing how I could feel the cold water travel down my throat and chest. I still enjoy that feeling, but I have met people and children with the inability to eat and drink on their own; seeing others’ appreciation for life while living through such difficulties is truly inspiring to me.


4. The crunch of fresh vegetables

The sound of carrots, celery and other vegetables being cut is definitely ASMR—the feeling of experiencing something satisfying—for me. Crunching carrots while eating them is even more satisfying for me. 

a grocery store produce wall


5. The voice of a loved one

For me, it is the voice of my little sister, Emma, that I like to think about when I am stressed or feeling overwhelmed. For others, it may be parents or other significant people in life.


6. Crossing off items on a to-do list

Creating and checking off a to-do list is the easiest way for me to relieve stress during an overwhelming time. 


7. The sound of your favorite song

Listening and singing along to the acoustic versions of my favorite songs is always a unique and calming way to relieve stress for me. For others, it may be blasting the music really loud and headbanging. Either way, listening to music releases endorphins in the brain, which makes us happier. And that is always the goal in life, isn’t it?


8. Fast vehicles passing

One of my favorite sounds and feelings is race cars passing on a racetrack. Hearing the cars’ gears shifting, the feeling of the vibrations echoing through my body and the smell of burnt rubber all create the perfect scenario for me. While a lot of people have never experienced such an amazing feeling, many of them enjoy hearing vehicles passing on a freeway or highway; some specifically enjoy the sound of semi-trucks passing. 

Anna Schultz-Hands Out Window Road Trip


9. Fuzzy socks

I love wearing fuzzy socks and slipping around on hard floors. Plus, having the ability to even feel my feet is a blessing that some aren’t able to enjoy.


10. Freedom to choose

Every moment of every day, we have the ability to choose what we do, and I am not going to argue with Predeterminists. Take the opportunity to improve your life.


There are many more lovely little things that can conjure joy in our lives, and part of the fun is exploring and finding the beauty. If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or depressed, I strongly encourage you to make your own list because each and every one of us has numerous irreplaceable feelings in life.