Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion is like being an artist: you can’t just stroke this section of the canvas over here and doodle over there…well you can if you have a purpose and are following some form of “rules.” Her Campus Winona wanted to break down the truth behind these so called fashion “rules.” We took a poll from some of our top style gurus on campus.

This is what they had to say:

1.Wearing white after Labor Day –

·      “I never understood why this was a rule. Definitely NOT a mistake! That's like saying you can only wear all black to a funeral. If white makes you feel confident, rock out that white on white outfit!” – Ka Vang

·      “Not a mistake. White is easily one of the best/classiest colors you could wear. I wouldn’t recommend wearing a white on white outfit but there is nothing wrong with rocking a white tee or a white sweater after Labor Day. (I do not follow this rule at all! White t-shirts are my thing!)” – Cora Velasco

·      “I don't think wearing white after Labor Day should even be a fashion rule. If you want to wear white, girl you rock those white pants of yours.” – Chloe Healy

·     “Not a mistake. White jeans = mistake. Dark denim is for this time of year. It doesn't take long for the summer tan glow to fade, and when it does white should be used carefully. Something as basic as a white tee can work for any outfit, but white jeans are risky. If I lived in the south where it is summer weather until October then yes I could wear it with some nice neutrals. But white jeans in Minnesota after Labor Day just reminds people about the feet of snow they have coming for them.” – Jenny Clark

2. Wearing navy and black –

·      “Whoever said this is a fashion faux pas obviously doesn't appreciate the versatility of the color black. It goes with everything! Black on black, black & navy, ya can't go wrong with black.” – Ka

·     “HUGE mistake even though I totally do it sometimes. My grandma says that wearing navy blue and black is basically looking like a giant bruise.” – Cora

·      “I don't think wearing black and navy is a huge no-no. Sometimes the two can complement each other depending on the outfit. I know I definitely wear them together sometimes, no shame!” – Chloe

·      “Mistake. Because I love the look of navy with brown I would personally not put it with black. Plus all black is hella chic so I would opt for this instead.” - Jenny

3. Wearing white to a wedding –

·      “No, no, no, no, and no. Don't do it. It's disrespectful and it'll make you look like you're the bride or part of the wedding (though, I'm sure even the bridal party won't be wearing white). There is a time for you to shine and this is definitely not it.” – Ka

·     “HUMONGOUS mistake. Okay no need to go into this one. The bride is wearing white and it is her day so stay away from white and stop acting like a 12-year-old mean girl.” – Cora Velasco

·      “I don't think people should wear white to another person's wedding. In my opinion, the only person that should wear a white dress is the bride, it's her day!” – Chloe

·     “Mistake. Of all the cute dresses out there to wear to a wedding, let white be reserved for the bride!” – Jenny

4. Mixing gold and silver –

·     “If you think it looks good, you go right ahead and mix those colors. I personally love the look of mixed accessories. I actually think people should do it more often!” – Ka

·     “Not a mistake! Make sure you are using the right pieces. Vogue has awesome examples of this mix and how to do it right!” – Cora

·     “I don't think I have ever mixed gold and silver together so I'm not sure what it would look like. I'm sure certain pieces of jewelry that are gold and silver would complement each other.” – Chloe

·      “Not a mistake. Mixing metals adds a cool twist on basic jewelry. I love to put together a bracelet stack that has both silver and gold.” – Jenny

5. Mixing different patterns –

·     “It depends. Certain patterns will mix better than others. Colors also come into play when mixing patterns, too. Patterns can be loud and you don't want to mix patterns that will look messy.” – Ka

·     “Not a mistake! You have to know which patterns look good together. There is a fine line between looking stylish and looking like a clown.” – Cora

·      “I necessarily wouldn't mix two different patterns, but I know I have seen it in fashion magazines so I know some famous people do it and it sure makes a statement. Depending on the article of clothing and pattern, it could be okay. I have worn a patterned scarf with a different patterned coat and I didn't think it looked too terrible, but then again what do I know!” – Chloe

·      “Depends. I like a small stripe with a floral together. When mixing patterns I would say it only works if one is a softer pattern than the other. Otherwise I would stick to having one pattern and then something basic to complement it. For me, a little goes a long way when it comes to pattern.” – Jenny

Ka Vang states, “Style is a way of self-expression. While fashion refers to what is trendy, style is all about how I portray myself. When I dress nice, I feel nice. I highly encourage everyone to wear what they feel best in (even if it's loud and'll get used to it :P).

Oscar Wilde said, ‘You can never be overdressed or overeducated.’”

Cora shapes up the idea of style like this: “I think style is very personal. You get to pick and choose what pieces you feel comfortable in. So what is a mistake for me could make you feel like a queen, so girl, go for it! I love learning about different people and what their style is all about so if you see me on campus please give me a brief minute and tell me about your favorite stores and pieces.”

Chloe Healy had something to say about style: “Style and fashion is different to every person and that's what makes it so cool. Everyone likes different things so with that, people can branch off other people's style to create their own unique one. Fashion is about expressing your own style and likes regardless of what others think!”

Jenny Clark measures up style by saying, “Style is taking your inner personality and making it a part of your outer appearance. It's a form of expression. And it is a way for me to procrastinate on homework for hours as I get lost in the fashion blogging world.”

As you can see, sometimes even the most fashionable people don’t know what is right or wrong. But something they all have in common is the idea that they figured out that style is all about who you are; it’s also personal and self-expressing. The one wearing the outfit is like the one holding the paintbrush; the result is solely up to you. Next time you are debating what to wear just throw on something that makes you feel proud and happy. It’s very simple.