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An Extraordinary Thank You: An Open Letter to My Big Sis

Dear Big Sis,


From playing in the mud to blessing me with my two nieces, Savannah and Adelyn, you have always found a way to pull on my heartstrings. I don’t say it often because our relationship isn’t exactly like that. Given recent circumstances and your help through it all, I owe you a really big thank you—for everything.


From the beginning, you always protected me from bullies. You applied the typical sister code to all situations: you could pick on me all you want, but the second someone else put me down, you would stick up for me. To this day, you can bully me. However, if a friend or a crush of mine treats me badly, you pull no punches. 


That isn’t the only way you have protected me; you have also saved me from myself. There aren’t many people who understand my depression and family situation as you do. I would never wish depression on anybody—it is the worst feeling in the world—but you can understand my lonesomeness and emptiness when nobody else can. You make the loneliness feel less lonely.


My nieces entered this world, and I immediately had two new beautiful human beings to fight to stay alive for. You get a lot of negative comments thrown at you because you are a stay-at-home mom, but I recognize all the work you do. You encourage them to be strong, independent young ladies, and as much as I don’t want them to grow up, I know they will make helpful contributions in the future.


I would be lying if I said there weren’t times where I temporarily hate your guts. However, the best thing about us is that we are both willing to apologize and recognize when we do something wrong. I love you beyond belief, big sis. Thank you for everything you have offered and continue to offer in my life.


Lovingly, your proud and thankful little sis,

Cheyenne Halberg


P.S. Thanks again for ordering me pizza when I was broke!