Expressing My Emotions: 5 Poems to Unbottle My Feelings

I’ve always liked writing as a way to express my emotions. It has always been a way for me to avoid bottling up my feelings while still being able to keep them to myself. Many of the pieces I have written that touch my soul the most are my poems. My collection of poems from within the past year is reaching 15. These five poems are my favorite ones. They are all free verse, and they are all works in progress, so please don’t judge them too much!


An Inevitable End

The way I ache for you

Is the way the Earth aches for gravity.

Your arms around me

Are like oxygen around the trees.

Our lips touching

Is the sun setting over the sea.

The way your hands send shocks across my body

Is the way the wind sends ripples across the oceans.

Our bodies together

Are as natural as the elemental forces around us.

But like all the forces in the universe,

We will come to an inevitable end;

We don’t know when,

But we will.


Scared of Heartbreak

I have always

Been scared

Of at least one thing.


When I was 5,

I was scared

Of the dark.


When I was 10,

I was scared

Of high school.


When I was 18,

I was scared

Of adulthood.


But, now, I’m 20,

With my head

On your chest.


And you ask me

What I am scared of.

I tell you

I am scared

Of heights.


But that is a lie.


Because now I am 20

With my head

On your chest,

Listening to your

Heart beat.


And I am scared

Of you stopping mine.




You and me.

Me and you.

Together as a unit.

It sounds nice, doesn’t it?


To be inseparable

Would be easy for us.

We could be what they call

A power couple.


Meeting was a

One in an infinity chance,

But the stars aligned

Just right 

For us to see

Each other’s souls.


We let

Each other in.

We don’t give others

The opportunity often,

But the walls

Came down naturally

Between us.


To watch

Our souls

Grow old together

Every day

Would be 

A dream come true.


It sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Together as a unit.

Me and you.

You and me.



World Gone Amiss

Humanity is fighting against one another.

Body against body.

Mind against mind.

Arbitrary borders 

Creating a divide.

Personal beliefs 

Become a need to dominate.

The urge to be in control 

Clouds the vision

We once had to be united.

Indivisible was once inside 

The made-up lines.

But even now,

Within those scribbles on a map,

The unfortunate dichotomy takes hold.

Minds blocked by barriers

Of bias and hatred.

Love was once a way

To break the walls down,

But now love seems nonexistent

In this world gone amiss.


If I Could Go Back And Change The Past

If I could go back and change the past,

I don’t know what I would do.

Would I make myself available for you sooner?


If I could go back and change the past,

Would I be able to steal your heart before she did?

Could my love overwhelm and capture you?


If I could go back and change the past,

Would I decide to meet you altogether?

Maybe I could avoid our happenstance.


If I could go back and change the past,

I could take away all the pain.

I could take away all the memories.


But if I had the chance,

I think I’d leave it all be.

For your mind has been made up,

And you’ve chosen your path,

So I must let you be free.

And along the road that went through

The rolling hills and serene breeze,

I found every step with you

Was worth the jagged journey.


While I was pretty sad while writing most of these poems, I still like the result. As I said, these are works in progress, but they truly describe a lot of my feelings throughout particular situations that have happened in the last year. Whether you are a poetry-loving reader or just a loyal reader of mine, I hope you enjoyed my poems!