Erica Meier: Dancing Queen

Name: Erica Meier

Hometown: Oregon, WI

Major: Social work

Year: Sophomore


Her Campus(HC): How did you end up choosing to attend to Winona State?

Erica Meier (EM): I came into college undecided and Winona had a lot of options for me to explore. I liked that it was far enough away, but also close to go home if I needed to (3 hours). I also liked that I could continue dancing here, such as on the hip hop team and through a dance minor.

HC: What is your favorite part about going to Winona, either on the campus or about the town?

EM: I like how in summer how beautiful it is and how I can go for runs and walks around the lake. I also love the people (obviously!). My roommates are great and I have made a lot of friends through clubs here.  


HC: You are in Dancescape this year. Can you explain what that is?

EM: You could think of Dancescape as Winona's dance company. We have students who choreograph, as well as some guest instructors who came in from the cities. You have to audition and then you are able to choose from what pieces you want to be in based on the ones you are selected for. We have rehearsals all year until the show in February.


HC: How long have you been doing dance and what got you started in dance?

EM: This is my first year! I was a dancer in high school and wanted to continue this passion in college. I got on the hip hop team my freshman year and this year (sophomore) as well, but I wanted something different, so I tried out for Dancescape. It is a very different style of dance than I am used to and I have loved exploring this new movement.


HC: What is your favorite part about being a part of Dancescape?

EM: I love that it is different. I have seen such unique pieces in a show. It is very different from the typical competition routines and recital pieces I have been used to seeing and being a part of.

HC: What can someone who attends Dancescape expect?

EM: Expect to see some unique pieces. Like I said above, it is a very different show. There are such cool pieces that you have to have an open mind to enjoy. The artistry of the movement is very engaging, and I think people will be really taken aback and even change their meaning of what they view as dance.


When: February 15th-17th

Where: Vivian Fusillo Main Stage Theatre in the PAC

Cost: $12 for General Public, $6 for Students