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Emma’s Poetry Drop: Roommate Favorites

Poetry is one of my favorite hobbies. While taking the Advanced Poetry course last year, we created our own manuscript as a project in the class. It was a great time writing, drawing, and designing my own poetry book. My roommates were a huge support system in encouraging my poetry. These are some of my roommates' favorite poems from my manuscript.

 Heartbreak Station 


Welcome to heartbreak station

Where we don’t judge where you come from 

Or where you are heading.

If you are looking for coffee to help 

Keep you awake we have the well

Renowned “I Don’t Think I’m Okay Coffee.”

I recommend you try the white mocha 

with a shot of raspberry. 

We also have a medical facility at your disposal 

just in case your heart can’t heal on its own. 

If its broken in pieces, no problem, 

they can stitch that right up.

If there is a different problem with your heart,

No worries, they are trained to handle 

A variety of situations.

Now, if you look to your left

this is The Redemption Rail. 

Here you will find the trains 

That take you to “Healing,” 

“A New Lover,” “Finding Yourself,” 

And “Being Happy Again.”

And to the right we have

Heartache Rail. 

These trains will take you to

“Angst,” “Hating Your Favorite Color Because 

It Was Also Theirs,” 

“Constant Sadness,” and “Another Toxic Relationship.”

If you don’t like any of these options

you can stay at the station. 

Sometimes feeling numb is better 

than the alternates. 

Have a fantastic day and enjoy your stay!

Sour Gummy Worms

I wish for you to kiss me.

But I wonder,

I hold my breathe with the fear of what you

will taste.


It will be my saliva that is coated in sugar from

the sour gummy worms I have eaten.


the blood from my lips where I chewed through

my skin in anxious haste.


the ink that lingers on my tongue from the pens I have used to write down,


unending sadness and bitter thoughts. But God

I wish you would kiss me.

The Fall

When Icarus fell from the sky most believe it was because of childish actions and foolish nature. I know the real story of what happened. I saw it with my own eyes. I saw him flying over the raging sea and called for him. He looked up to me.

I instantly fell in love. I reached out to him begging him to come closer, and he did. The sun shone on him as I looked into his eyes as they turned to pure gold. We touched with the pads of our fingertips, not noticing the wax that dripped down his arms, nor the feather that floated to the ocean.

He fell.

He looked so graceful as he fell to the black waters. His wings torn apart. His eyes still gold. Both fear and adoration displayed in the golden eyes. He reached for me. But all I could do was scream. One hand went to my heart, preparing for its break. The other to my throat for the gut-wrenching roar to erupt. Open mouth. Ready to cry.

But it wasn’t mine that I heard. His father released the roar as Icarus became engulfed in the black waves. Silver feathers floated on the water’s surface and soon sank to the depths of darkness.

My tears became rays of sun that pierced through Daedalus’ heart when he finally reached land. I was the selfish goddess who coaxed Icarus to fall.

Music Taste

A friend asked me while listening to music,

“If you don’t mind me asking, for someone who isn’t very romantically involved you sure like breakup songs.


And all I could reply with was,

“I don’t really know.”

But I knew.

Heartbreak comes in many forms. Not just a single lover.

Parents, friends, and family also come as part of the heartbreak.

But the real heartbreak was with myself; not being able to look in the mirror,

Or being able to love myself.

      ~ That was my real first heartbreak.

Though there are many more poems in my manuscript, these four are what you could call the fan favorites; or I guess you could say the “roommate favorites.”

I am an Applied and Professional Writing Major at Winona State University. I enjoy writing and art during my free hours. A fun fact is that I am nicknamed "Mom" by my roommates.
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