Easy & Affordable Costumes for Halloween

We all know October is a busy month. It’s hard to remember, let alone do, every fall festivity you want to post about on your Instagram. For example: haunted houses, corn mazes, apple orchards, carving pumpkins, Halloween movie marathon, etc. Well, let me just add another thing to that list… costume ideas. Now is the time to start planning your outfit for Halloween. Since Halloween is on a Wednesday this year, depending on your plan, you may need more than one outfit. I am here to make your life easier: below are some cheap and affordable ideas for this Halloween.


Pink Ladies

This is a great idea for a group of friends (girls: Pink Ladies, guys: T-Birds). For this outfit, I used a pink leather jacket, black leggings, checkered scarf, and black shoes. You could do your hair either in a high pony or full-blown curls.


Jail Bird

For this look, all you need is a long sleeve black and white striped shirt, black jeans or leggings, black shoes, and a black beanie. You may even add a pair of handcuffs.


Frat Boy

For this stereotypical outfit, I used a button-up shirt, sports bra, black jeans, white shoes, and a hat turned backward. Adding accessories like a red solo cup or a pingpong ball doesn’t hurt, either.



This is a very simple and easy look. All you need is an oversized white T-shirt, black jeans, and white or black shoes. You may add fake tattoos or show your real ones as you wish. For the star around my eye, I used a black washable marker. It didn’t turn out very black so I recommend using black face paint.



This one is my favorite and also one of my outfits I will be wearing this Halloween. For this look, I already had these pants, but you can find some bell-bottomed jeans as well; tie a knot in a bigger shirt, wear a colorful headband, and accessorize with miscellaneous bracelets, glasses, and a fake nose ring or a real one. Honestly, find as much pattern as you can in your closet.


Another great source for Halloween costumes is Goodwill. They have a lot of options and it’s CHEAP. Mix and match with whatever you have in your closet to make your look work. I hope some of these ideas helped and that everyone has a fun and safe Hallo-weekend!