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Don’t Tell Me It’s a Tough Time to Be a Man in America

I learned a lot about reality this past weekend. I got slapped in the face by it actually.


I’ve recently been really upset about something Donald Trump said… Then again, when am I not?! He tried to claim that it is a “very scary time to be a man in America.” In case you missed ithere’s the video.


Just by being a woman, I am unsafe.


This weekend I was harassed at my front door step. At 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, I had fallen asleep on the couch watching TV in the living room, and my roommates had gone to bed. At 2:00 a.m., I had been awoken by pounding on the door, the doorbell ringing ferociously, and our dog barking as if it’s the only thing he knew how to do. I looked through the peephole, and standing there were four men that repeatedly demanded I open up the door. The scariest part is that I recognized them and had seen them frequently in the past few days. I ran to wake up my roommate but felt as though that small lock on my front door wasn’t enough to keep these persistent men out. They came about three to four times that night in a three-hour span with the same angry request.


We called the non-emergency police department number after the second time they had shown up. This time, we knew it was no mistake. They meant to come to OUR apartment. I felt as though my fear wasn’t worthy of the emergency number and that there were people with more important problems. But in hindsight, I should have just dialed 9-1-1 the first time. I was scared they would be gone again by the time the police came, and I would look like the little girl who cried wolf… so Donald Trump’s claim that it’s a hard time to be a man because of “the risk of being accused of something you didn’t do” is upsetting. It’s nonsense actually. I understand that false accusation can ruin an innocent man’s life; I’m not invalidating that. But the bottom line is: if you are not a guilty man, you should not have to worry.


An ample amount of situations in my life have proven that statement is absolutely PUSHING IT (Note: this is not an exhaustive list).


  • I can’t run outside alone.

  • I cant run with a ponytail.

  • I can’t run with earbuds in.

  • I can’t walk anywhere alone.

  • I’m advised not to drive places alone.

  • I have to be extremely careful about who I trust.

  • I can’t “be predictable”, AKA have a schedule.

  • I won’t get paid as much in my career someday solely because I’m a woman.

  • Human trafficking rates are through the roof.


I’m a woman, I’m an adult, and I want to be taken seriously. It’s not that I only have to worry about myselfI am in constant worry about my friends, family, sisters, nieces, peers, etc. I also want to say that I am not oblivious to the fact that men can be targeted, trafficked, raped, assaulted, and stereotyped as well. But it’s quite clear it’s more prevalent for women to be the victim. Because of the events this weekend, I don’t feel safe in my own home. I don’t feel safe even with the doors locked and alarms sounded. I feel vulnerable.

So please don’t try to tell me it’s a dangerous time to be a man. Because it’s always dangerous to be a woman

Alexa Jo is a senior at Winona State studying Psychology and Communication Studies. She enjoys learning new skills, getting outside, upcycling clothes, and hanging out with the people she loves. She likes to write stories that are real, raw, and have just a touch of humor. She writes because she believes she has a lot to say, and wants to talk about the things others are scared to talk about. She uses her writing to share her experiences and uplift others. She hopes to one day work for a non profit in campaigns for social change.
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