Desk Space Evolution

As we get older, our style and needs evolve. No one can afford it, and let’s be honest, no one has the time to completely start from scratch during every “phase” your personal taste goes through. To make the transition easy and affordable, I’m here to help you create an everlasting office space, ensuring both your home and/or work space reflect you at any given point in your life. Let’s face it: you will perform better and be a happy little worker when your space is a place of expression, comfort and is livable for YOU!

Advice to start the journey (no matter what phase you are on):

1.     The key is to stick with neutral “big” pieces.

2.     Don’t buy things just to buy things - have a purpose.

3.     Go shopping alone. No one knows what you like more than YOU!

Phase 1: The dorm girl.  You only have room for a small desk next to your twin bed. This situation is tricky, but definitely doable. It requires storage and organization. The desk and chair are generally provided to you; they’re usually not pretty, but they’re included!

Phase 2: First place…in college. You, girl, need to start purchasing furniture. You realize a mattress is really expensive. You try to scramble up everything your parents don’t need anymore. A desk is a necessity, you say, as you stroll through IKEA. You buy the desk and you buy a chair. You are feeling defeated. At this point you are happy you bought cute things for your dorm room. So keep this in mind, you freshmen.

Phase 3: The post grad: You live in a small apartment and need to use every ounce of surface area wisely. You’ve retired your bold colored pieces from the college years but have maintained a fun aesthetic with new, quirky accessories, such as a touch of animal print.

Just like how the seasons change, so does one’s style. It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to update your space and it is important to do so. Why? Well, like I said before: You will perform better and be happier when you're surrounded by personal expression.