Courtney Jones and Hannah Ingebrand: Once a Leader, Always a Leader

Courtney Jones and Hannah Ingebrand were Her Campus Correspondents last year. We caught up with them to see how Her Campus has impacted them since graduation.

Why did you join Her Campus?

Courtney Jones (CJ): I joined Her Campus because I liked everything I had heard about the club and wanted to get a chance to write and publish a variety of articles. It also felt like a great opportunity to meet other people on campus.

Hannah Ingebrand (HI): I joined Her Campus my junior year of college. My good friend Katie told me that she and her friend Miranda were starting the club on campus and they needed members. When I found out that I would be able to write articles that focused on women’s issues, the Winona community, and pop culture, I was convinced that this would be a club for me. We started with about eight girls. Throughout the past few years, it has been awesome to see the club grow and know that I got to be there at the very beginning.


What is your best memory from Her Campus?

CJ: My best memory from Her Campus was getting to know each of the members. I always had a blast with everyone at our weekly meetings. It was a great experience getting to know people in different majors and hearing their creative ideas.

HI: I have many great memories from my time with Her Campus. I loved being a part of the Homecoming parade and I enjoyed donating clothes to Dream Closet, another awesome Winona State club. The best thing about my time with Her Campus was I met many strong, independent, and intelligent women (and some awesome guys too) that have become my good friends.

How has Her Campus helped you after college?

CJ: Being a Co-Correspondent helped me after college because of the leadership experience it gave me. Being a part of Her Campus was also an excellent extracurricular to have on my resume and it’s great to show published articles I wrote to employers.

HI: Her Campus was a great conversation starter in job interviews. Being able to say that I helped lead a team of writers illustrated my leadership, organization, and management skills. My career in Public Relations requires me to write on a variety of topics and to varying audiences daily and I no doubt credit Her Campus for helping me become a better writer.

What does/did Her Campus mean to you?

CJ: Her Campus means a lot to me because of the inspirational people I met. I made a lot of great connections being a part of Her Campus and am grateful for all of the creative minds who helped our chapter reach the Pink level.

HI: Her Campus is a platform that inspires people and is a place where I was able to develop my writing skills and have freedom and fun with the content I wrote. Not many people can say that their work has been published on a nationally recognized platform, so that is pretty empowering.

What is one piece of advice you would give about the club or someone who wants to join?

CJ: JOIN! It’s a great way to meet people, build your resume and write articles you are interested in. Also, this club is not just for girls, so any guys who are interested should really join!

HI: What is one piece of advice that I would give about the club or to someone who wants to join? Join! When you do join, write and write often. Don’t be afraid of your writing ability. The best way to become a better writer is to write often and be willing to be critiqued.