Conquering The 'In Between' Season Style

The days are longer, the temperatures are rising, and it’s time to say goodbye to your winter jacket and boots! We’re no strangers to the dreadful winters that Minnesota can bring. But, with some wishful thinking, the days of random April snowstorms (ahem, last year) are gone and spring is on its way! Although it might not quite feel like it at 7:30 am when you’re rolling out of bed, and throwing on your big thick coat to stay warm till lunch, when you’re suddenly drowning in sweat.

So, what to wear for the awkward between winter and spring period when one day it’s 65 degrees and sunny, then we’re back to freezing temperatures and frigid winds? With so many new trends coming in and out of the stores, and a college budget not exactly allowing the freedom of a shopping spree for each season, here’s a few tips to transition your winter wardrobe for warmer weather ahead.

1. Start with layers.You need a jacket outside, but as soon as you get into class you feel like you’re having a heat stroke. Light layers are the best to stripdown as the temperature rises. Start with a tee and add a chambray shirt, or cardigan, along with a jacket and you’re set!

2. Brighten Up.Ditch the heavy, dark colors of winter and bring in the bold brights and pastel hues. Colored jackets and coats not only brighten your mood, but can be worn through the chilly evenings when needed. Or try colored jeans with a neutral colored top to balance it out.

3. Lighten Up.Put away the thick wool sweaters and think flowing fabrics, delicate details, and softer styles.

4. Ankle length Denim.Slightly longer than capris, but too short to be pants, are perfect for this season. The cropped cuts shows off your cute shoes and are a nice change up from the standard skinny jeans.

5. Flats.You can wear them with jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses, pretty much everything - all while looking put-together and comfortable.

6. Go Bold.Pattern florals are a spring classic. Try pairing with a striped tee for a fun pattern contrast that goes against every fashion rule we thought we knew.

7.  Stripes.Another classic, not just for spring! Horizontal, vertical, big or little, stripes look great every which way. A simple striped tee can be worn hundreds of ways and is flattering on everyone.

8. Jean Jackets.If you haven’t invested in one yet, now’s the time! Jean jackets are easily one of the most versatile staples to add to your wardrobe. Throw it on over a dress or wear it with leggings - it pulls together every outfit, no matter how you style it.

Having fun with your style is always the most important, no matter the season! Focus on mixing your favorite pieces into new combinations to revamp your look, without the spending. Be confident in your own taste and don’t be afraid to try something different! And remember, your yoga pants and leggings will always be there for you, no matter the season.