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Connor Reis ’16

Name: Connor ReisYear: JuniorHometown: Plymouth, MNMajor: English (Writing)Relationship Status: Single


Meet Connor Reis, the king of dry humor. Connor is a laid-back, constantly smiling guy looking for a girl to put up with his “functioning hot mess” self and accompany him on brewery tours.

HC (Her Campus): Describe yourself in three words.CR (Connor Reis): Functioning hot mess.

HC: What activities are you involved in at Winona?CR: Sometimes I’ll leave my apartment to print something.

HC: What do you love most about WSU?CR: The size. It’s big enough so I always wake up feeling like I could meet someone new, but not so big that you have to go Greek.

HC: What do you look for in a girl?CR: Someone who can put up with my dumb sense of humor, and someone who can be laid back.

HC: Blondes, brunettes, or red heads?CR: Brunettes.

HC: What is something that people would be surprised to find out about you?CR: I didn’t play football in high school.

HC: What is your biggest pet peeve?CR: Bees.

HC: What is your greatest personality trait?  CR: I made a professor laugh once; it’s one of my greatest accomplishments.

HC: What is your best physical feature?CR: Everything but my hair.

HC: Do you have a favorite quote?CR: Definitely paraphrasing here, but “Everyone dies twice. Once when their heart stops beating, and again when their name is uttered for the last time.”

HC: If you could only listen to one band for the rest of your life, which would it be?CR: Sublime. Or maybe Chon, but they don’t have a vocalist and I don’t want to forget what singing sounds like.

HC: What is your dream job?CR: Writing reviews of smartphones.

HC: What can we find you doing on a Friday night?CR: Nothing worth publishing.

HC: Do you have any fun plans for summer?CR: I’m planning some brewery tours this summer in Colorado; I’m super excited for that.

HC: How does it feel to be nominated as Campus Cutie?CR: I’m flattered, thanks a ton for nominating me!

Hannah Ingebrand is a Winona State University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations and a Psychology minor. Hannah is equal parts homebody and adventurer. She craves travel and her heart was left in Paris years ago. She is in love with love, handwritten letters and all. Hannah believes in making meaningful connections with people and embracing different cultures. Her obsession with Pinterest only fuels her love for polar bears, French bulldogs, and all things fashion.   
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