Confessions of a Terrible Parker

Hello, my name is Linsey and I am a self-proclaimed terrible parker. Even though I got my license at 16 (a.k.a. 4 years ago), parking is not my speciality. I am just not good at it and I am a-okay with that.

Here are my top 4 confessions:

1. Diagonal parking is HEAVEN.

If my destination has diagonal parking, I do a little happy dance. These spots are so easy to get in and out of – I never have to worry whether or not I have enough room to pull in or if I am going to (maybe) hit the car that I am parking next to. (Let it be noted that I have never done that before, but I still have a fear that I might…)

2. Parking in the “boondocks.”

I rarely park close to the front of the store. Why? Because that’s where everyone parks. I am the person that parks near the back of the parking lot or where there are not a whole lot of cars around. This way, I don’t make a fool out of myself while backing out. I mean, I gotta get my 10,000 steps a day somehow.

(P.S. I know that this gif doesn’t really go with this confession, but I just really enjoy it)

3. Parallel Parking

LOL what even is this?!?! I haven’t parallel parked since my driver’s test and I have no intention to unless I absolutely have to… and I re-learn how to…

4. When I feel “risky,” I’ll park next to another car - but NEVER (or on very, VERY rare occasions) park between two already-parked cars.

*Look at my fear in #1*


Bonus GIFs!

(They just needed to be shared)


P.S. I’m not the only self-proclaimed terrible parker – one of my roommates agreed with everything on this list.

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