Combatting the Cold: My 5 Favorite Products to Brave Blistery Minnesota Winters

Besides the use of the phrase “ope” and our love of casserole—because I will refuse to call it hotdish—the third most dependable part of Midwest living is the winter season. Whether it decides to make its first dreaded appearance in October or finally depart in May, one thing is for certain: you cannot survive (happily) if you don’t have some go-to products in your arsenal… besides a shovel and parka. 


Here’s a list of five of my favorite products to brave the hellscape of this season. And remember, sadly...


  • Lypsyl Swedish Beeswax Lip Balm—I don’t remember who introduced me to this lip balm, but I’m eternally grateful. It has such a cute component with a little bee that acts as a lever to move the balm up and down. Beyond the exterior packaging, this truly is one of the softest balms I’ve ever buried my lips in to protect from the blistering winter winds. The cooling mint also acts as a soothing agent for the inevitable chappedness.


  • Static Guard AntiStatic Spray—This was a staple in my childhood when I had to bundle up for walks to the school bus on winter mornings. It was a lifesaver back then when I didn’t want to electrocute someone, and writing this reminds me I could stand to buy some more… at least so I won’t look like this after I take off hats this winter season. You can also put a light layer over bulky layers so winter coats don’t leave you conducting electricity when you take them off!


  • Fleece-Lined Leggings—There are so, so many brands that make good leggings like this. But the cheapest and best ones I’ve found come from a website called Jane: Daily Boutique Deals. They have a control top so you don’t have to worry about them rolling down through walks in the wintery elements. Plus, they come in a vast array of cute colors! 


  • Cabin Socks—My little piggies would be practically falling off if I didn’t have multiple pairs of these at the ready to wear under boots and around the house! With thick fleece inside, they keep all toes nice and toasty. Like the leggings above, they come in a multitude of different styles and you can catch me rocking them together on a regular basis from October-April.


  • Woolly Sweatshirt—I originally bought one from the campus bookstore. After practically living in it from my first purchase, I asked for a second for Christmas last year (still in Winona purple because duh). They have a very versatile line of “basics” and a collegiate/Greek life line as well. 


I hope this article provided you with some insight on how to survive the interminable winter! Bundle up and try to make the best of it. Also enjoy this GIF of Olaf being extremely relatable.



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