Christmas As I Get Older

As a kid Christmas means presents and cookies. As an adult Christmas takes on a different meaning. It becomes more meaningful because I look forward to different things than I used to. I can imagine that as I continue to get older and my family does as well and I start my own family, these differences will become even more important. Here are the things that have changed.

1. Giving instead of receiving presents.

While getting presents is still exciting, giving has become just as important. While my Christmas list gets shorter every year, the list of people I give to becomes longer. I love searching for the right gifts for my family members and friends and watching them open wrapped treasures.

2. Looking forward to seeing family.

After being in college and seeing my immediate and extended family less, coming home for the entire holiday season (Thanksgiving through New Year’s) is even better. Seeing everyone is especially exciting since my family keeps growing as my cousins get married and have more kids. However, nothing beats spending time with my niece and nephew when I’m home and seeing how much they’ve grown.

3. Appreciating my family even more.

This change has been especially important to me since I’ve been in college. I’ve met people who do not get to see their parents in one room and may not even go home for more than a few days. I’ve learned how special it is to have a close-knit family and an extended family that is as together as mine is. I feel so lucky.

I am so very grateful to have these new experiences. I am looking forward to how things will change when I begin my own family someday. I will be soaking this Christmas in as my last college Christmas with a real break and no responsibilities to loom over me during this holiday. And here’s to my first Christmas where I can legally drink the “adult” slush at my family party.