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Bye Bye Lover Boy

When it comes to love, many of us ladies think about the love we see in different scenarios such as; “The Notebook”, “She’s The Man” and even “Boy Meets World.” We dream of having that one guy that everyone is jealous of and the guy that makes our heart skip a beat. But what about those relationships that we have that are there and gone in such a short time?

No one girl can say that they have never had their heart broken by the quick lover boy scheme. Ladies, our fathers are not always lying to us when they say, boys only want one thing, but then again some of those relationships might not just be for that. Relationships come in many forms, such as a long term, half long term, short and very short. I’m here to let all of you ladies know that you are not alone when it comes to break ups in every one of these categories.

Ladies, we have feelings. CRY! It’s okay! Yeah, that guy might be a jerk and break your heart, even if it was only two weeks. Feelings are okay! For some people, it takes weeks to months, for others it may take days to weeks. When it comes to that feeling of being all cuddled up next to a guy, you never want to leave those strong arms. Cuddling triggers the same neurological reaction as taking painkillers, so pretty much its addicting. If a boy tells you that you are more attached than he is, they are either lying or just looking for sex. When it comes to romance, girls are not afraid to put out their true feelings. I’ve been in many relationships where I am the only one in the relationship pulling all the weight, and finding out in the end that I am the only one with true feelings. Yeah it hurts, but also, just like Kelly Clarkson would say, “it makes you stronger.”

Your relationship could be a day or a week, a few months to a year, or just a possible hey, I like you and you like me, lets go out. It could potentially hurt, but how else are you going to find out, if you don’t try? The more you talk to someone that you like, the stronger you will feel towards that person, not just emotionally, but even personally. A personal connection is what someone really just wants in the end. No one can tell you your own feelings. If you like a guy, TELL HIM. The worst that will happen is you guys will stop talking for a mere month at most. It’s happened to me, but I still care for the guy and we are still friends. Put your heart and emotions first.

The whole point of my little rant is to show you that girls need to start caring for themselves first before falling into the lover boy trap. Hey, that guy is sexy, but is he TO YOU, a one night stand or a possible thing? Take a chance if you think it could be something, but don’t open yourself up to him the minute you meet him; this gives the guy the opportunity to come in and take your heart. Take it slow, don’t show them you’re interested. What I get told almost every time I go out with my friends is play hard to get, make them come to you. That way, you won’t only feel interested in, but also you will know that something could possibly progress from it. And lastly, any relationship will hurt in the end. Doesn’t matter the amount of days, months, or years. A girl has feelings and once a boy breaks her heart, someone will come along and mend it up, bandaid or laser beam.

Public Relations student at Winona State University. Dreams of moving down south to work in music and find the cowboy of my dreams! Love dogs more then life.
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