Beyond the Field Goals & Touchdowns: 7 Reasons Why I Love Football

American football is the most popular sport in the USA. Whether it is high school football or the National Football League (NFL), millions of people play and watch the sport in action. Since middle school, my love for football has increased to the point where it breaks my heart a little bit when I can’t watch my beloved Minnesota Vikings play. However, I don’t love football just because of the hot football players (although they are a great addition). My seven reasons for loving football are a bit more deep-rooted than that.


The Bonding Experience

In high school, I went to football games with my friends to watch some of my other friends play. My senior year, I tried to go to every Friday night football game. This allowed me to create a bond with quite a few of my high school friends since it was freezing outside and we were huddled together in a blanket to stay warm. I have to admit that my friend Ashley, who is still one of my best friends, and I were the only two that were actually into the game, but I like to think that is part of the reason we are still friends. To this day, watching NFL games with my friends and family allows me to share my happiness and time with the people I care about.

It also is a great bonding experience for the football players themselves. It creates a type of brotherhood like no other. You experience pain as well as joy together.


The Noise

You know that person who yells at the television screen as if the referees and players could hear them? Yeah, that person is me. However, when I actually go to football games in person, I soak up the noise from others around me and manage to become even louder. I am a naturally loud speaker, so when I go to football games, I can let my flag fly high without hesitation.


New Friends & Acquaintances 

Whenever I go to football games, the shared positivity and need to celebrate makes me turn to my neighbors and give them a high-five even if I don’t know them. From this, I have added people on Snapchat at tailgate parties or football bleachers.


The Parties

Who doesn’t love food at tailgating parties? Hotdogs, cheeseburgers, chips and dip, some hotdishes and more can be found at football watch parties or tailgating parties across the nation.


Free Entertainment

By this, I’m not saying the game itself. I am talking about the drunk people who do stupid things —especially at the tailgating parties. Side note: if you are the drunk person who does stupid things, please be safe. Even if some of the entertainment is funny, you can seriously get hurt.


Hot Football Players

Okay! You knew it had to be on this list! A lot of football players just so happen to be extremely handsome. When they catch the ball or tackle their opponents, their muscles flex. When they are running downfield and hurdling over fallen men, they practically do the splits midair. Those are impressive and attractive in my opinion. Sure, a lot of them have wives and families, but it doesn’t hurt to appreciate the beauty that is right in front of my face.


The Game

Obviously I am a fan of football; therefore, it is obvious that I love the game. When it is the fourth down and the team decides to run the ball instead of punting it, my heart starts pumping a little faster. Or when the defensive line of the team you’re rooting for breaks through the opponent’s offensive line and sacks the quarterback (QB). Unfortunately, sometimes the muscular defensive players can hurt the scrawny QBs, but it is usually an amazing play nonetheless. 

My favorite part of watching football is when it is down to the last seconds of the game, the clock is counting down, the defense is starting to break through the offensive line, the QB releases the ball from his fingertips, it spirals through the air, and it lands directly into the hands of the receiver making the team win the game! Alright, maybe I am commentating on the “Minneapolis Miracle,” but that was a beautiful play. Those are the types of plays that send shivers through my body and create goosebumps on my arms.


From tackles to touchdowns, my love for the popular sport is something I express without hesitation. I’ve gained pounds as well as many lifelong bonds from football related events. Maybe I go a little overboard with my love for the Minnesota Vikings considering their track-record isn’t the best, but I will always love them along with everything the sport entails.



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