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Best Valentines Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about boyfriends – your girlfriends deserve some love, too! Here are a few of the best Galentine’s Day gifts.


1.     Pink Mini Polaroid Camera

So, some of you may know that Polaroids (luckily) came back into style. How cute is this pink little camera to capture all you and your besties’ best memories? This isn’t the cheapest gift on here, but it’s definitely worth all the photo opps you will have forever!


2.     Rose-Scented CandleEveryone loves the smell of roses! But flowers may be a little too much for your gal-pal. Why not give this beautiful smelling candle a go? From all the reviews, I read that the scent goes throughout the entire house and the candle itself lasts a long time.


3.     Homemade Sweets

Okay, this would be at the top of my list because I LOVE sweets. Hold off on all the foo-foo mushy gushy stuff and just put me into a chocolate-filled coma please. You can’t go wrong with baking your friends some homemade cookies, brownies, or cake pops; you name it, they’ll love it.


4.     Wine glassesEveryone knows that women love wine nights. I believe that Wine Wednesday should be incorporated into every lady’s weekly routine. Etsy has so many wine glass options like the one pictured above. Why not treat your best gal pal to a wine night? You bring the glasses, I’ll bring the rosé. Cheers!


5.     Face masks

Face masks are a girl’s best friend! No, but actually. Nothing beats coming home after a long day of classes and treating yourself to a face mask. It makes your skin feel so fresh and rejuvenated. So, this Valentine’s Day run on over to your nearest Sephora and fill your bag with lots of these life-changing masks.


6.     Kendra Scott necklace

I think these Kendra Scott necklaces are perfect. They are ideal to add to any outfit. As well as being simple, these necklaces can be layered with other cute necklaces you may have at home. This is the perfect gift to give to your best friend on Valentine’s Day. Nothing says “I appreciate you!” like some Kendra Scott!


7.     Lush Bath Bombs


“When it comes to rose petal-filled bath bombs, bigger is always better. So, we made this oversized fizzer about three times the size of a regular bath bomb! Drop it into the tub (yes, the whole thing) and watch as it’s transformed into a pastel pink, rose-filled oasis.”


8.     Swell Water Bottle

Last year, someone gave me a Swell water bottle as a gift and I can’t even explain how much I love it. If you know me, you know I’m not lying when I say I have this on me 24/7. When I go to classes, it’s in my bag. When I’m in bed sleeping, it’s laying right there next to me. The nice thing about Swell is that it’s stainless steel and it’s triple-walled to keep your coffee hot or your water cold. So, this Valentine’s be a good friend and buy a Swell water bottle for your best girl. If you love them, you’ll keep them hydrated.



Enjoy Galentine’s Day!


Hello Pals! My name is Clare O'Neill and I am from south eastern Wisconsin. I am a Marketing major with a minor in Business Management. Back in the states I study at Winona State University, but currently I am studying abroad in France! If I had to describe myself in a few buzzwords they would be: compassionate friend, natural leader, and constant learner. I adore my friends and family and of course, The Chicago Blackhawks.
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