Ben Reimler: Student Senate President

Meet Ben Reimler, a senior from Holmen, Wisconsin, double majoring in Legal Studies and Public Administration with a minor in History. This year, Ben is Winona State’s Student Senate President.

Her Campus Winona (HC): Before we jump into the more serious questions, let’s start with a couple easy ones. What is your favorite TV show?

Ben Reimler (BR): My favorite comedy is New Girl, and my favorite drama is the West Wing.


HC: Both are good shows! What three words would you use to describe yourself?

BR: Approachable, dedicated, and passionate.


HC: Aside from Student Senate are there any other clubs or organizations that you are a part of?

BR: Given my leadership position this year, I likely won’t be able to be as active in different clubs and organizations on campus. However, I’ve previously been a dedicated member of the KQAL Sports Department and the History Association, among others.


HC: Why did you decide to become involved with Student Senate?

BR: My first experience with Student Senate was during my sophomore year as the president of a club on campus. I was frustrated because I didn’t know who I could go to with questions and who was representing my interests on campus. I ran for Student Senate because I wanted to ensure that students could be provided answers if they had questions.


HC: Is this what ultimately made you decide to run for president?

BR: Yes, because our Student Senate does so much to protect and promote student interests but there is a disconnect between what we do and what students are aware that we do. It’s been my goal, since day one, to provide answers and solutions while increasing our student engagement on campus. We’ll consistently work toward informing our students of initiatives and projects we’re pursuing and encourage students to participate in the process with us.


HC: How do you think Senate has changed with the new representatives?

BR: It’s tough to tell initially how this year’s Senate dynamic will be different than last year’s.  However, our balance between many new and returning Senators will allow us to to bring a diverse background of perspectives.


HC: My last question for you is do you think being involved with Student Senate has helped you throughout your college career?

BR: Absolutely. Through my involvement in Student Senate I’ve met many of my closest friends and have had the opportunity to impact real change on our campus. Engaging with our WSU community has brought me closer to faculty, administration, and my fellow classmates; these relationships and experiences will undoubtedly benefit me in the future.


HC: Wonderful! Thank you so much Ben for letting Her Campus get an interview with you!

BR: Any time!

There are sure to be many new and insightful tasks for the Senate president and representatives this year, and as an active member of a club, I am excited to see what they [executives and senators] bring to the table.

The Student Senate meetings are every Wednesday at 5pm at the Purple Rooms of Kryzsko Commons and are open to the public. If you or anyone you know are interested in sitting in on any of Student Senate's meetings or have questions regarding your club or the campus at large feel free to sit in and voice your questions or concerns!