Back to School Survival Kit

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Our first survival kit has arrived and had some really amazing stuff in it! And, thankfully, we won’t have to purchase dry shampoo for a long time *wink emoji*.


L'Oréal​ Paris Products

First on the list is the L'Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes and ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Mist along with the L'Oréal Paris Hydra Genius. The self-tanning products are great for events or family gatherings coming up with no time to go out and tan. Use both of these products within a week before a wedding, New Year’s Eve, or if you just want to be tan! The ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Mist is perfect for getting those hard-to-reach places, and the Self-Tanning Towelettes are perfect for on-the-go. And what’s better is that they are streak free! Color will start to show in 2-4 hours, so be sure to check out these awesome self-tanning products!

Next from L'Oréal is the L'Oréal Paris Hydra Genius, and it is a godsend. We at Her Campus Winona highly recommend this product! It’s a moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling smooth with no oily feeling whatsoever. Made with aloe water, this liquid moisturizer gives you fresh-looking, glowing skin.

Freeman Beauty face masks

These face masks are a gift from the gods! We received the polishing charcoal and black sugar gel mask and scrub and rejuvenating cucumber and pink salt clay mask. The gel mask was different because it doesn't cover like the clay mask does, but the scrub was awesome. The clay mask was nice, soothing and cooling, and the pink salt exfoliant was amazing. 


Aéropostale has stepped up their game in recent years. We received rings, sunglasses, wallets, hair ties, scrunchies, chokers, and earrings from Aéropostale in the Survival Kit. The jewelry is hella cute and so are the sunglasses! The wallets we received are super nice because they are compact, have an ID window, and we gore easy to carry, and come in several colors. These accessories are all 10/10.

HI-CHEW Candies

These yummy, Starburst-like candies are super delicious and were a hit at our Homecoming club fair! With many flavors, these Japanese yum-yums are sold at your local Target, Walmart and Walgreens. If you have not tried these chewy candies yet, you definitely should.


These compact toothbrush pods are perfect for keeping your toothbrush clean for up to three months! With many different colors, Steripods allow you to cover your toothbrush whenever it’s not in use; they’re perfect for traveling, or even in your dorm (we all know those sinks & drawers are not the cleanest). Say goodbye to your gross, smelly toothbrush case and breathe in the fresh, clean, protective scent of Steripod!

Spindrift Sparkling Water

Spindrift is America’s first and only sparkling water made with real squeezed fruit. Easily comparable to La Croix, Spindrift is light, bright and perfect for when you’re craving a pop but don’t want to feel crappy. The flavors Her Campus Winona were given were orange-mango and strawberry, and both were very good. Spindrif is an unsweetened sparkling water - the only thing sweet in it is the real fruit!

Bed Head by TIGI

In the Kit we received Bed Head dry shampoo and hairspray, and what can I say? These products are so high quality, my broke college booty can’t afford them. The dry shampoo worked wonders on my non-shampoo days, and it left my hair smelling fresh. The hairspray kept my hair in place, just as I had styled it, and what is also great about this product is that it works for any hair type. I will definitely buy their products after I graduate and get myself a big-girl job.


Erin Condren Hardbound Life Planner

If you don’t know who Erin Condren is, look her up! She makes amazing and decorative planners for the scheduler in you! The 18-month planner we got will help you plan from July 2017 to December 2018. The planner is also hardbound with a very floral design, perfect for anyone who likes to feel a little fancy.


There were so many goodies in this Back to School Sruvival Kit! We can't wait to see what comes in the next one!