Alpha S(arah) Tau: A Profile with Sarah Jordahl

I am interviewing Sarah Jordahl, who is an active student and citizen of Winona. During this interview, I will be touching on topics such as Sarah’s major, favorite past times, things she likes to do in Winona and her life as a college student. 


Her Campus (HC): What year of school are you in and what’s your major?


Sarah Jordahl (SJ): I am a sophomore at WSU (Winona State University), and I am a social studies education major with an adventure education minor that I’m dropping. 


HC: What are some of your favorite things to do at WSU?


SJ: I like to hike the bluffs, I enjoy spending time at the library studying. I also really like spending time outside in Winona because it’s super pretty, no matter what time of the year.



HC: What are some of your favorite activities to partake in at WSU?


SJ: I am in a sorority here called Alpha Sigma Tau I’m vice president of operations for the year 2020, so not yet, but soon. I’m in Runner Up as a performer in the improv crew! We have shows once every month, so if you can see them, come check it out. And I am in Dancescape. 



HC: What do you do outside of Winona State?


SJ: I work at White Rose Bridal in Saint Charles.


HC: Why do you enjoy that job and if so, why?


SJ: I like my job a lot. It’s fun because I get to make connections with people on a more one-on-one level than with a normal retail job, and I get to be a part of what should be one of people’s happiest days of their lives.


HC: Tell me a little bit about yourself outside of school. 


SJ: I like to bake, cookies mostly. I have a really good pumpkin snickerdoodle recipe, and I’ve got a really good brownie cookie recipe that I like to make a lot. I enjoy reading, and I enjoy watching documentaries. 



HC: What is your favorite class you have now or previously? 


SJ: My favorite class that I’ve ever taken at WSU was Dr. Schmitz’s class called The Age of Jackson. 


HC: What are you most looking forward to about becoming a teacher?

SJ: I’m excited to hopefully instill a passion for history in my students because I know that my Social Studies teachers helped me do that.  And I’m hoping to teach the next generation of historians and history teachers, I am encouraging history to be made!


I thought this was a great way to end my interview with Sarah; it was such a good time getting to know her more outside of my history class. Not only did I include gifs that I find fit to the answers I’ve received, but I will also put links to the Instagram pages of all clubs and organizations mentioned in order as written:




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