9 Must-See Netflix & TV Series for the Shameless Bingers

If you’re anything like me, then you probably watch a lot of Netflix series. And when one is finished, I sit and sulk for a few days until I find a new show to binge-watch. With no further ado, here is my list of must-see Netflix series if you’re in need of a recommendation or two.


  • Blue Mountain State 
    • Genre:  Comedy
    • Synopsis: “Class comes last at Blue Mountain State, where the weekdays are just a primer for Saturday's big game. The fictional football powerhouse depicted in this comedy series is coached by perennial winner Marty Daniels, and his charges include talented quarterbacks Alex and Radon, who prepare for action in decidedly different ways. Radon's huge ego compliments his outrageous behavior, while the slick-with-the-ladies Alex is satisfied with his second-string status and partying with his buddy Sammy, the Goats' beloved mascot. Team leader Thad, meanwhile, relishes the idea of hazing the incoming freshmen.”

Personal Thoughts: I would compare the vulgarity of this show to Shameless. It is hilarious and an entertaining series. I highly recommend it! 


  • You
    • Genre: Thriller
    • Synopsis: “What would you do for love? For a male bookstore manager who crosses paths with an aspiring female writer, this question is put to the test. A charming yet awkward crush becomes something even more sinister when the writer becomes the manager's obsession. Using social media and the internet, he uses every tool at his disposal to become close to her, even going so far as to remove any obstacle—including people—that stands in his way of getting to her.”

Personal Thoughts: This show is amazing! Not only did I love it, but also I’ve only heard great things about this show. The characters are so easy to love, even though we’re supposed to dislike them.


  • Grey's Anatomy
    • Genre: Romance
    • Synopsis: “The medical drama series focuses on a group of young doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, who began their careers at the facility as interns. One of the young doctors and the show's namesake, Meredith Grey, is the daughter of a famous surgeon. Grey struggles to maintain relationships with her colleagues, particularly the hospital's one-time chief of surgery, Richard Webber, due to a pre-existing relationship between them—Webber and Meredith's mother had a personal relationship when Meredith was young.”

Personal Thoughts: This show and all the great, bad, on-and-off relationships are very moving, frustrating and compassionate. Grey’s very easily draws in your attention to such lovable characters and twist and turn your emotions throughout the series. 


  • Sex Education
    • Genre: Drama
    • Synopsis: “Socially awkward high school student Otis may not have much experience in the lovemaking department, but he gets good guidance on the topic in his personal sex-ed course—living with mom Jean, who is a sex therapist. Being surrounded by manuals, videos and tediously open conversations about sex, Otis has become a reluctant expert on the subject. When his classmates learn about his home life, Otis decides to use his insider knowledge to improve his status at school, so he teams with whip-smart bad girl Maeve to set up an underground sex therapy clinic to deal with their classmates' problems. But through his analysis of teenage sexuality, Otis realizes that he may need some therapy of his own.”

Personal Thoughts: I absolutely love, love, love this show.  It easily draws you in and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end. It’s not a typical high school experience, but it does hit some familiar topics and it’s effortless to find the main characters relatable. 


  • Shameless
    • Genre: Drama
    • Synopsis: “Oscar-nominated actor William H. Macy stars as Frank Gallagher, a single father of six who spends much of his free time drinking at bars. The Gallagher children—led by oldest daughter Fiona (Emmy Rossum), who takes on much of the child-rearing responsibility due to her mother's absence—manage to raise themselves in spite of Frank's lack of parenting and unusual parenting style when he does choose to act like a father. The drama is an adaptation of the BAFTA-winning British show of the same name.”

Personal Thoughts: I’m sure we’ve all heard of this show, but if you haven’t watched it, then you’re missing out! If you don’t mind all the vulgarity, nudity, violence, abuse, and much more, then Shameless is the show for you.


  • The Good Place
    • Genre: Sitcom
    • Synopsis: “When Eleanor Shellstrop finds herself in the afterlife, she's both relieved and surprised that she's made it into the good place. But it doesn't take long for Eleanor to realize she's there by mistake. She hides in plain sight from the Good Place's architect, Michael, and his all-knowing assistant, Janet. Her seemingly perfect neighbors, Tahani and Jason, and open-hearted soulmate, Chidi, help her realize that it's never too late to change. With the help of her new friends—and a few enemies—Eleanor becomes determined to shed her old way of life in hopes of discovering a new one in the afterlife.”

Personal Thoughts: The Good Place is such a funny, light-hearted comedy.  With all the twists and turns, it keeps it interesting and entertaining. 


  • Anne With an E
    • Genre: Drama
    • Synopsis: “This reimagining of the classic book and film is a coming-of-age story about a young orphan who is seeking love, acceptance and her place in the world. Amybeth McNulty stars as Anne, a 13-year-old who has endured an abusive childhood in orphanages and the homes of strangers. In the late 1890s, Anne is mistakenly sent to live with aging siblings, Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, who live on Prince Edward Island. Anne, who proves to be uniquely spirited, imaginative and smart, transforms the lives of Marilla, Matthew and everyone else in their small town.”

Personal Thoughts: I haven’t personally seen this series, but I’ve heard such great things about the show. The trailers also look very interesting. 


  • Alexa & Katie
    • Genre: Comedy
    • Synopsis: “High school is hard for all students, but it's even more difficult for somebody who is dealing with personal challenges that most teens don't. That is the case for Alexa, who is undergoing cancer treatment while trying to adjust to high school. She maintains her outgoing personality and enthusiasm for life despite her health issues, thanks in part to loyal best friend Katie remaining by her side through it all. Whether they're at school, home or the hospital, the girls are always by each other's side through thick and thin. Also part of Alexa's life is her determined and protective mother Lori.”

Personal Thoughts: I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much from watching a comedy. Although it is marketed as a comedy, Alexa and Katie are filled with such heartwarming moments that just make me melt. I absolutely love this show and I highly recommend it. 


  • One Day At A Time
    • Genre: Comedy
    • Synopsis: “This Netflix-original comedy-drama is inspired by Norman Lear's 1975 series of the same name. This time around, the series follows the life of Penelope, a newly single Army veteran, and her Cuban-American family, as they navigate the ups and downs of life. Now a nurse, Penelope is raising two strong-willed children. When faced with challenges, Penelope turns to her ‘old-school’ mother, and her building manager, who has become an invaluable confidant. The series offers a contemporary take on what life looks like in both good and bad times, and how loved ones can help make it all worthwhile.”

Personal Thoughts: With the ups and downs of this show, I was sad to see it’s been canceled. It was really heartwarming to see a family with a Hispanic American lifestyle similar to what I grew up with. It was also nice seeing someone like me and my family on TV. One Day at a Time tackles real-life problems and offers many solutions to them. I highly recommend this show. 


Well, there you have it. I think it’s time to pop some popcorn and curl up under a blanket. It may be cuffing season, but binging season never ends!