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6 Things to Do for Valentine’s Day When You’re Broke

Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day is just another excuse to spend excessive money on the person you’re dating. Personally, I will use any reason to buy my partner anything, but I never have the moolah to get him what I want. Over the years, I’ve researched and used some of these ideas, and let me tell you: they work!


1. Netflix and Chill

Are you really surprised that this is my first idea? There’s nothing better than kicking it back and watching a movie with your S.O. You could be basic and choose a romantic movie (never the wrong way to go) or tuck in and watch a horror movie (snuggles for free!). 

Person pointing remote at a TV that is displaying Netflix


2. Put Date Ideas in a Jar and Give Them to Your S.O.

This idea is kinda cliché, but you can make it as sentimental or goofy as you want. Take an old mason jar or visit your local Goodwill or Walmart to buy one on the cheap side. Then buy some paper, colored or not, and brainstorm a bunch of date ideas that you would love to do with your partner. Fold them up once you’re done writing, and throw them all together in the jar. If you’re feeling fancy, you could decorate the outside of the jar with pictures or scribble lovey-dovey hearts or notes.


3. Make a Homemade Meal Together

What’s more romantic than cooking in a kitchen together with knives and a hot stove or oven and… okay, maybe divide up the work when doing this, but this could be really fun to do! Open a cookbook, break out that wine and get that stove sizzling. 

Jason Briscoe
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4. Hang Out Outside

Get your butt outside and enjoy the fresh air! There are so many activities to enjoy whether you’re in a state that benefits from snow or sunshine. If you’re in a city that’s covered in lovely white snow (like us Minnesotans at the moment), you and your S.O. could go ice skating, snowshoeing or skiing, build a snowman, or have a snowball fight. Afterward, you could cuddle up with some hot chocolate for warmth. If you don’t have snow, you could go hiking, explore your city, visit a market and just enjoy the day together. 


5. Build a Fort

Take yourself back to your childhood with your S.O. and cuddle underneath a tent of blankets and pillows. Nothing’s comfier than laying on a bunch of pillows and blankets and hanging out with your S.O. Load up on the snacks and drinks, and start building while bopping to some early 2000s hits!

The Lalacozy Bed Floral Blanket
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6. Celebrate the Day After

This one is personally my favorite. Valentine’s Day can be such an overhyped holiday that you feel stressed about making the day absolutely perfect for your partner. Find the time to talk to them and bring up the idea of celebrating the day after. My S.O. and I love to go to Walmart the day after Valentine’s Day and buy all the leftover candy and gifts that are on sale. This also takes the stress off because you’re going shopping for your partner with your partner, so they can just pick out what they like. It’s a win-Win! 


Remember, love is love and Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in a variety of different ways. Go have fun out there, love birds!

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Meet Hannah Petersen! Hannah is a writer for Her Campus at Winona State University. She is in her senior year and studying social work and music. Hannah hopes to work with people who have been diagnosed with disabilities after she graduates. In her free time, Hannah enjoys reading, watching Netflix, listening to music, and spending time at all the coffee shops in Winona.
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