50 Shades

50 Shades Darker:  the movie that girls all over have been waiting for since being introduced to Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in February 2015 after the first 50 Shades premiered. My girlfriends and I bundled up in the snow on a Thursday night and caught the latest chick flick at Winona 7.  Here are some of the thoughts that came to mind while watching the film (spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it).

10 thoughts I had while watching 50 Shades Darker:

Ahh it’s starting, why didn’t I sneak any wine in?

Hmm.. I wonder who bought all of Jose’s pictures of Ana..

OHH it was Christian, OF COURSE.   

When Christian orders two steaks for them, and Ana cancels his order for a quinoa salad.  This is my kind of girl.

Somebody spilled paint all over Ana’s car, so they go disappear to his yacht.  I wish that was my reaction to someone vandalizing my car.

Okay Leila is a psycho.

Christian is letting Ana touch his chest for the first time?!!? (I don’t know if this a good thing or weird thing, but an odd achievement at that.)

OMG did he just ask her to marry him??  Where’s my Christian Grey?

That jaw-dropping moment when Christian walks through the door after everyone thought he died in a plane crash.  I knew he wouldn’t leave Ana like that.  

How in the world did Christian have time to plan this amazing proposal??

What is going on with Jack Hyde and why does he look like a monster?