5 Staycation Ideas for Broke College Students

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably lazy AF when it comes to planning ahead, not to mention always broke—even though you swear you just got paid. With your unfortunate lack of foresight and spring break looming ahead, it’s a little too late to plan an epic trip to Cancun or South Padre, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun on your week off from the academic grind of college! Here are five staycation ideas for broke college students this spring break.

1.  Be a tourist in your own town.

Regardless of how tiny your college town is, there’s no doubt that you could find some quirky sights you’ve never come across, so it doesn’t hurt to take a day to just walk around and explore. Be it the odd museums, antique shops, used bookstores, or the local parks, there’s always something new to see. And if your town is in fact so tiny that there’s absolutely nothing to see, hop on over to the next one over and be a tourist there.

2.  Go on a movie marathon.

Head over to your local movie theater and see all the latest flicks that you’ve been meaning to catch. Or, even better, have a Netflix marathon in the comfort of your own home on the couch. With thousands of titles in its catalog, there’s no doubt you can find a bunch of movies and shows to binge on.

3.  Have a spa day.

When you’re constantly bombarded with due dates and other obligations, everything undoubtedly takes a toll on your skincare and self-care routine. So, dedicate a day to relax, take care of your skin, and treat yourself to some aromatherapy and good food.

4.  Dine at a new restaurant.

Take a break from campus food and take-out meals, and try out a new restaurant in town instead. You never know—it just might be your new go-to and fav!

5.  Read that book you’ve been putting off forever.

Now that you don’t have any real excuses anymore, pick up that book you’ve been procrastinating reading and give it a try. It never hurts to try something new… plus, reading will keep your skills sharp when you return back to school after break.


Although spring break is often seen as a time to party it up and soak up the sun, don’t forget to take time to decompress and get back in sync with yourself as you get ready for the second half of the semester!


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