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5 Reasons To Make a Target Trip

Target: a place where time doesn’t exist and dreams come true.

Okay, maybe not THAT dramatic, but Target is a wonderful place. I mean, can you think of someone who doesn’t love a Target trip? If so, here are some reasons to persuade them otherwise…

1. Starbucks

Personally I like Caribou better, but sometimes you need a little variety in your life. Starbucks is known to have cute drinkware, so while you are deciding what to drink, you might as well pick up a cute new mug or tumbler to put it in. Another perk of Starbucks? They are usually in the front of the store, so you can get your pick-me-up before you start on your Target adventure.

2. Cartwheel

I love Cartwheel because you don’t know what is all on the app! They have so many deals and coupons that are not in their ads, so before you officially go to Target, make

sure to check out the deals on the app so you have a more productive reason to go.

3. Clearance Racks/Shelves

Ah, the clearance deals at Target – is there anything better? Sometimes it’s worth the wait to get that sweater or shirt you want because within a few weeks or so, that item could be on the clearance rack, which means you are saving money $$$ (and it means you can put a few more items in your cart because you are saving on other things ;) ).

4. Dollar Section

Okay, not everything in the dollar section is $1, but you don’t know what kind of finds you will come across! They have some super cute, cheap decorations that are perfect for anyone to add to their room/apartment/house. They also have some items that you never thought you needed (I mean, who doesn’t need another phone case, another pack of cute cards, etc.?).

5. General Stress Reliever

As college students, we all need some sort of way to relieve stress and take breaks from studying; Target is the perfect place to do that! Just walking into Target can be an instant mood booster for some people (me included) and it’s a great way to take a break from whatever you are doing.

So here are five of the many reasons why you may need to take a Target run; what are you waiting for?!


Meet Linsey Taylor, one of the campus correspondents for the Winona State Her Campus chapter. Linsey is a senior majoring in Therapeutic Recreation with a minor in psychology and hopes to become a child life specialist with her degree. In her free time, Linsey enjoys reading, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends and family.
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