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The 21st Century Way of Shopping Local: Minnesota Makers Online Shopping

Shopping local saves neighbors. Shopping online saves time. Thanks to Minnesota Makers, you can get the best of both worlds. All you have to do is click this link, and you will be transported to a Minnesotan’s dream world. But first, let’s answer a few questions you may be thinking about.


1. What is the big deal?

First off, shopping locally helps keep small businesses and local entrepreneurs afloat. You can fight large corporations, find sentimental products, and help grow the economy all by shopping locally. Second, Minnesota Makers is not just one store; it isn’t even just a handful. They sell products from over 100 local Minnesota artists! The owners of Minnesota Makers are also from Minnesota. To read more about them, visit their “About” page.


2. What do they sell?

All the categories on their website are as follows: accessories, apparel, books, candles, decor, food products, games, greeting cards, holidays, jewelry, kids, kitchen accessories, kits, pets, and stickers & magnets. My top three favorite items are the pet bow ties ($23), pet dog treats ($4-$8), and basically all the Minnesota candles ($5-$22).


3. How much is shipping?

It depends on how much you have in your cart. For a $22 Minnesota Candle, shipping costs a tiny bit more than $7. This delivery price would take 1-3 days. 


4. I don’t trust online shopping/delivery. Can I shop in the store?

Yes! That is the beauty of Minnesota Makers. They have three different in-person locations. Excelsior, Robbinsdale, and Minneapolis each have one location. For their exact addresses, you can visit this webpage


No matter what you buy, try to shop locally. 


Large corporations are making billions while their employees get paid minimum wage. We can help make a difference in our community by supporting local and new entrepreneurs. It may seem like a small step, but it is a step that will make a difference.


Cheyenne Halberg is a student at Winona State University with a major in Communication Arts and Literature Teaching. She is from the outskirts of St. Cloud, MN. Cheyenne enjoys writing to express herself and empowering others to do what they love. Her hobbies include spending time with friends and family, watching football, spending time outdoors, crafting and writing. Her life goal is to leave an impression on the next generations that allows them to embrace their unique qualities.
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