2017-2018 Her Campus Winona Correspondents

Emily Sheptoski and Kasey Lanenberg are the 2017-2018 Her Campus Correspondents for Winona State. Emily is a senior in Advertising and Kasey is a senior in Transmedia.      

Her Campus (HC): How long have you been involved/how did you get involved in Her Campus?

Emily Sheptoski (ES): I just got involved last year. I knew about Her Campus, and when I switched my major to Advertising, I was encouraged to join the following semester by a current member.

Kasey Lanenberg (KL): I started Her Campus the first year it was a club, which was my freshman year at WSU (2014). Gabby Ingebrand, who was one of our CCs last year, told me about Her Campus in our orientation class and I've been involved with the club ever since.

HC: What do you do as an HC Correspondent?

ES: As a Her Campus Correspondent, Kasey and I publish the articles weekly, we plan and lead the meetings, and help plan the events for the semester.

KL: As CCs we run the weekly meetings, help the members edit and brainstorm, come up with fun campus and team events, and every Sunday Emily and I upload the finished articles to the Her Campus website.


HC: What does Her Campus mean to you?

ES: To me, HC means being able to express anything I want through writing. Her Campus is also a strong resource for women and will always support feminist values which is important to me, and meeting and becoming friends with other strong women is amazing.

KL: Her Campus has honestly become like a second family to me. I have loved seeing HC Winona grow and seeing more people take an interest in writing Each year you grow closer to the team and you become very proud of the club and of the members, especially if Nationals shares your article - that’s a huge accomplishment!

HC: What is your favorite Her Campus memory?

ES: My favorite memory is the photoshoot we had last year.

KL: Last year we did a photoshoot with the club as a whole and then just of the officers. You could tell that everyone there was super happy and really enjoyed Her Campus.


HC: What have you learned about yourself since joining?

ES: Since joining I’ve learned more about my own writing skills, and I’ve realized that I enjoy leading groups since becoming a Correspondent.

KL: I have become a much better writer since joining. I have written articles that have really expanded my knowledge about subjects. I have also become more responsible, especially with deadlines.


HC: What is one thing you want to accomplish as HC Correspondent this year?

ES: This year I hope to hold more events on campus, and more bonding events for club members. I want to reach Pink Level again as well by publishing more articles.

KL: One thing I really want to accomplish is getting our chapter back to Pink Level. Pink Level is the highest level the club can go, and I know that if we continue to write good articles we will get there. At one point, we used to be the biggest Mass Communications/Writing club on campus, so getting that "title" back would be great too.

HC: What advice would you give to people who are thinking about joining Her Campus?

ES: I say do it! You can join at any time, so don’t be afraid to come to a meeting in the middle of the semester. You won't regret it.

KL: If you are unsure about writing or don't know if this club is something that you would be into, come to a meeting! We don't force people to write, but if you have an idea for an article or think you might want to write something you're interested in, we highly encourage you to do so.


Kasey and Emily are ready to take on the roles as Winona State Her Campus Correspondents and create memories with this year’s group of bloggers.