15 Signs You are too Busy to Handle Life

1.    You have a planner, but you barely use it.

Yes, you bought the fancy planner from Target in order to get your life together… but there it sits. Someday you will get to using it.


2.    You need to hire someone to complete your Pinterest projects

Pinterest gives you life, but having time to actually complete one of those dream projects is becoming more and more of a struggle.  


3.    Your schedule looks a little bit like this:

Feeling extra guilty about the guac splurge…


4.    Your friends always think you are ignoring them.

Communication can definitely be hard to keep up when you have devoted your college life to excelling your career. Those true friends who will be there till the end will not doubt you. They will always be by your side, even silently.


5.    You spread yourself a little too thin.

“Sure, I can complete this!” (Perfect for my resume!)
“Yes, I can definitely join your club!” (Perfect for my resume!)
“I love projects, I’ll do it!” (Perfect for my resume!)
“Let me know if you ever need extra help!” (Perfect for my resume!)

…What have I done?


6.    You have to prioritize all the way down to what you will accomplish first in a given hour.

Time is of the essence. Can I please just get 10 more extra hours in a day?!


7.    Serious "me-time" is beyond a blessing.

Enjoying this time to myself, but still thinking of my to-do list…


8.    Your weekends are more work instead of play.

Working your butt off has its consequences and its rewards.


9.    You look away from your phone for a minute and your notifications have piled.

My poor phone battery life lasts half a day…


10.   You motivate others around you.

One of the greatest rewards of being a busy-bee is seeing others reciprocate your drive to success as well in an effort to excel their own careers.


11.   Slowing down is not a thing.

I’m busy, I’m motivated and I will succeed. Deal with it.


12.   You are on campus 8am-8pm.

I don’t really have time to eat.


13.   You are often recognized on campus for being in everything.

Being noticed for your efforts is definitely rewarding and only encourages you to continue to climb the ladder.


14.   You need support to conquer it all.

I’m definitely not Wonder Woman, even if we could be sisters. Everyone could use a little support now and then and I’m beyond blessed to have a family that supports me in all that I do.

15.   Your drive is what makes you powerful.

No one can ever diminish your flame, so continue to shine bright. The hard work pays off and your resume will thank you.