15 Reasons Why Spring is the Very Best Season

Though some may argue they prefer fall or summer (I can’t imagine favoring winter), spring has got to be my favorite season. It’s a time of warmth, optimism, and good things to come. These are the 15 simple pleasures of spring that prove it’s the very best season.

1. It’s that perfect temperature where you aren’t hot, but you aren’t cold.

First of all, I’m a freeze baby. I simply don’t do cold. Even the thought of it starting to get warmer out makes me a happy girl. But the thought of exploring in my closet past the stack of cozy sweatshirts and just not needing a heavy jacket - I’m ecstatic.

2. ‘mocking.

There is nothing better than chilling in my ENO hammock with some good music and good company.

3. The sun comes back!

It feels so good to feel the warmth of the sun hit your skin. Sun in the sky = happiness.

4. It’s colorful again!

Flowers bloom, the grass is green, and the leaves grow back!

5. Running outside.

If you say you prefer treadmills, you’re lying to yourself and everyone else.

6. Animals come back.

Waking up in the morning to the sound of birds chirping is such a mood booster.

7. Fresh air.

This is quite a concept. After being cooped up in my 8x10 dorm room for the past six months, I hardly remember what fresh air is.

8. Driving with the windows down.

Blasting music while the wind runs through your hair: what a feeling.

9. Not getting into a frozen car.

If I never had to scrape the ice off my windshield and then shiver for 20 minutes until my car generates the smallest amount of heat, I would be very okay with that.

10. The days get longer; the sun sets later.

11. Taking my dog for a walk.

My parents might find this one surprising (as I do not typically handle that responsibility). It’s not that I’m lazy or don’t like to, it's just that, like I said before, I don’t do cold. Taking a walk around the neighborhood instead of letting him out the front door for a few minutes is preferred (by my dog especially).

12. Spring means the school year (a.k.a. studying) is coming to an end.

This was more the case in high school. Of course now that I’m in college, I get sad that I’m closer and closer to leaving my new home and friends for a few months. Although, I can’t say I’ll miss the library.

13. The lakes aren’t frozen anymore.

I love being able to just watch the water flow. It’s so pretty and calming. Definitely one of those things you have to stop to appreciate.

14. I get to wear shoes that aren’t clunky winter boots.

I’m a big shoe girl. Huge. The days I get to break out my kicks - those are the good days.

15. It’s rollerblading season, baby!

Enough said.

So maybe spring isn’t your favorite season, but if you think about these things, it’s at least got to be one you look forward to. Happy spring!