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10 Reasons You Need to Go to Target ASAP

Target is the store of all stores. I haven’t met a single soul who doesn’t like Target and this article is going to tell you why. For college students especially, Target is a safe place to de-stress and buy all of your necessities (and all the things you really didn’t need). Somehow Target found a way into all our hearts, so here’s 10 reasons why you should just give in and take that trip to Target.   


1. Judge-free zone.

Nobody will ever judge you at Target. It doesn’t matter if you have six pairs of shoes from the clearance aisle or a cart full of just about everything the store has to offer, nobody will ever judge you because everyone at Target has mutual respect for one another’s need to take a Target run regardless of what they’re buying. Let yourself free and fill that cart up!  



2. Everything you need in one place.

Target never fails to magically have everything you need. Clothes, fresh produce, pet care, I could go on and on—Target has just about everything! There’s never a need to make multiple stops when there is a Super Target in town.



3. Red Card member status.

You feel like a VIP when you whip out that shiny, red card and slap it down on the counter. The cashier is happy because they don’t have to encourage you to open an account and you’re happy since you get 5% back on every purchase.


4. Cartwheel perks.

If you have a Red Card, I am pretty sure you also have the Cartwheel app downloaded on your phone. This magic app lets you pay on your phone, get all sorts of deals and coupons, and just overall makes the Target experience smoother.



5. One-stop-shop.

Most Targets have a Starbucks inside them: caffeine and shopping, what more could you ask for? They usually have a pharmacy as well, making it the ultimate one-stop-shop.



6. Aesthetically pleasing inside and out.

You can see Target from a mile away with the beautiful white, red, and brick outside. Target has the classic look. The red and white contrast logo is always nice and fresh, the cashiers are frequently seen strutting that red-shirt-and-khaki-pants look, and the store itself is super organized and has decorative displays for the season.   


7. Clearance sections.

Must I say more? The store has an entire clothing section dedicated to clearance and it feels like heaven walking through the racks of discounted items you can’t wait to dig into. Every end-cap is full top to bottom with those beautiful red and white stickers declaring a sale and begging you to take it home with you because it’s just. So. Cheap.



8. Dollar section.

There are so many things you didn’t think you needed but realized you did that cost only a dollar… you need all of them. Target is the best at pulling you in and convincing you that you really do need those fun envelopes from the dollar section even though you haven’t sent a letter in years.  


9. Home sweet home.

I really don’t know how they do it but Target is the perfect home away from home. No store is as welcoming and homey as your local Target. You can go to Target for a quick two-minute stop to pick up bread and leave three hours later with a full cart. It’s just the power of Target. The sooner you accept it the better.



10. The seasonal aisle.

I almost need not say more. Nothing is more exciting than walking through the winter wonderland of trees and ornaments, the spooky Halloween section, or the fun and bright spring section. And let me just say, 75% off the entire seasonal section after the holiday? *Internal shrieks of joy*     


Now get off your phone and treat yourself to a Target trip!



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