10 Reasons That Winter is the Best Season

This is Minnesota, folks. Let’s face it: winter takes up five months of the year, yet Minnesotans still hate the snowy cold. I’m proud to say that I’m the one in a million that loves winter. Sure, summer is colorful and adventurous, but have you ever gone sledding down a bluff with trees, stumps, and rocks as obstacles? Okay, me neither. And now that we both have a new item on our bucket list, here are my top 10 reasons why winter is the best season.


1. Layers upon layers

When else are you really going to wear that fuzzy long sleeve with makeup stains along the neckline? Grab a scarf, a flannel, jacket, beanie, mittens, and possibly two pairs of socks. The cold weather is perfect for layering clothes that don’t get their fair share of fame. Plus, you can just take them off when you get inside.


2. Less sweat

If you’ve ever gone running outside during the winter, sweat doesn’t really exist (until you get inside, but that’s beside the point). All of your layers surely serve a purpose when you’re in the midst of the chilling breeze, and you don’t have to worry about the sun melting off your makeup or wilting your hair.


3. Endless activities

There are so many fun wintery things to do during this season; just to name a few, there’s ice skating, sledding, snowball fight, or building a snowman. Don’t forget about visiting ice sculpture gardens, Christmas tree shopping, street hockey, and making homemade apple cider. If your winters don’t include at least 50% of these options… goodbye.


4. Holiday movies

Sure, people watch these movies all-year around, but it doesn’t mean as much during its proper season. Christmas isn’t complete without A Charlie Brown Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, or A Christmas Story. If the snow’s a bit heavier than a flurry, there’s always time for those dramatized Hallmark movies that are unrealistically romantic yet invoke viewers with happy cries and brief chuckles.


5. Cozy indoors

When the weather’s a bit gloomy and slippery, there’s nothing better than a plush plaid blanket next to the fire with a cup of hot cocoa in hand. Okay, there is something better: wearing your new fuzzy socks and reading a heart-warming book before bed. The dreary weather doesn’t make me feel bad for staying inside like the warm weather would.


6. Bye bye, frizz

Humidity simply doesn’t exist in the winter. If you’re a curly girl like me, a halo of frizz in the summer may be expected, but in the winter? Oh, no. Frizzy hair in the winter is like dried milk on a baby’s bib—not cute, crusty, and ready to be washed. Without frizz, refreshing second day hair has never been easier.


7. Dark lipstick

Christmas gift sets bring out their latest red lipstick or matte plum lippie to complete any winter makeup look. Don’t worry about your lipstick bleeding outside of your lip line because the cold weather firmly locks it in. Let’s be honest, dark lips just aren’t the same in the summer—winter is their season!


8. Family

Snowstorms and holidays give us the chance to stay at home and spend time with family that no other season has. We can always use the excuse that the roads are too slippery to make it to work. We hope, like a child on Christmas morning, that there will be a snow day, school is cancelled and roads are closed, which then gives the perfect opportunity to build a snowman with the fam.


9. Seasonal decorations

If you know me, you know I don’t decorate seasonally. Fall rolls around and I paint one mini pumpkin to celebrate the change. But Christmas, now that’s an exception. Christmas, surely, is not complete without a full tree, colorful lights around the house, and the nativity scene on the front lawn. Candles scented of sweet pine with the fireplace on—only in winter, friends.


10. Gift giving

Even when it’s not Christmas, no one is taken aback by a slight surprise during the winter season. The love around the frosty holidays is at an all-time high of the year; you almost feel more full of love when giving a gift than when receiving one. The beauty of red and green wrapping paper with sparkles covering the floor is my type of winter wonderland.


Whether you’re part of the 7% that prefers winter over any other season or you’re the 25% that live for the warm weather, you must admit that these chilling months hold a lot of festivities, family gatherings, and food! Thinking about moving to Minnesnowta? Do it.