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Music is a great way for us to bond and unite together. I especially love listening to faith songs. Regardless if you’re looking to become closer with God or want to further strengthen your existing relationship with Him, check out these 10 tunes I always have on repeat.


1.  In Over My Head,” Bethel Music

This song feels like an ultimate surrender to Jesus. It encompasses all our failures, but it is still knowing that He is there with us.


2.  “My Revival,” Lauren Daigle

While this song is simple and repetitive, it’s empowering and humbling all at the same time. The harmonies melt like butter through a speaker and the words are straight truth from the Book of Life.


3.  “Every Little Thing,” Hillsong Young & Free

This is a pump-up song that reminds us who has life under control, because we certainly don’t. Trusting His plan and resting in His perfection is at the core of this tune.


4.  “Symphony,” Switch

This is a relatable song when our minds get anxious and overwhelmed, and it’s a reminder of who can handle this chaos for us.


5.  Freedom,” Jesus Culture

This is an encouraging tune that lifts us up in His grace! It’s a song that places a smile on my face when I remember that I am free through Him.


6.  In Rhythm,” River Valley Worship

This has a dance-worthy rhythm that is used to praise the god who tells us what life is meant for: living in rhythm with Him and doing all things out of love for Him.


7.  Touch the Sky,” Hillsong United

This has a soft and subtle sound that makes the heart rest easy as we begin to believe that He gives life as we surrender our own plans for life.


8.  Peace Be Still,” The Belonging Co

This song is for all who fear and all who have been through a struggle. By speaking these lyrics out loud, the enemy is trampled as we fully place our hope in Jesus. He is greater than any trial.


9.  “Beloved,” Jordan Feliz

These lyrics are a reminder of who we are in Christ—beloved. Even through the pain and confusion, His love is endless and perfect.


10.  “Unknown,” Mosaic MSC

This is one of my favorites—this song hypes me up to say “yes” to God’s call upon my life. It helps me keep my hold on His promises as He leads me into the mystery of the future. 


Make sure to add these tunes to your playlist ASAP and I wish you luck in your journey with faith!

Gretchen is a junior at Winona State University majoring in Health Ed and Phy Ed with minors in Adaptive PE and Adventure Ed! She enjoys all things outdoors, she's a peanut butter fanatic, and Proverbs 31:26 is her favorite Bible verse. Gretchen is an RA in the resident halls and a Small Group Leader for a campus ministry, and she enjoys all the Lord equips her to do!
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