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10 Classic Books and Movies Perfect for Spooky Season

A continuing debate amongst entertainment fanatics is deciding whether books or movies are better. However, there are some circumstances where both sides can experience the same plotline. 

This spooky season, I decided to compile a list of ten books that have a matching cinematic monsterpiece––pun intended. Below you will find a variety of scary or suspense movies based on books.

1. The Shining

Follow Jack and his family as they take on the task of caretaking the Overlook Hotel. Over time, the family discovers secrets about the hotel while slowly going insane.

Stephen King wrote the novel, and Stanley Kubrick directed the movie.

2. Bird Box 

Without vision, a mom and her children are forced to find sanctuary from a mysterious killing creature.

The novel was written by Josh Malerman, and Susanne Bier directed the movie.

3. The Exorcist

After her daughter, Regan, begins adopting extremely odd mannerisms such as levitating, her mother reaches out to a priest. The priest and an exorcism expert try their best to get the devil out of the young girl.

The author of the novel was William Peter Blatty, and the director of the movie was William Friedkin.

4. Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein uses his extreme wit and talent to perform an experiment intended to bring a human to life. However, what he brings to life is not what he intended.

The Gothic novelist Mary Shelley was the talent behind the classic story. It was then adapted into a movie with the help of director James Whale.

5. The Silence of the Lambs

When young and attractive Clarice Starling is assigned to interview a murderous and cannibalistic Hannibal Lector, she finds the task of baiting information out of him challenging. 

Jonathan Demme directed the movie based on Thomas Harris’ novel.

6. IT

A murderous, shape-shifting creature lives in the sewers of Derry, Maine. That is until seven boys take on their biggest fears in the fight for survival.

IT has had an original movie, directed by Tommy Lee Wallace, and a remake directed by Andrés Muschietti. Both movies were based on Stephen King’s famous novel.

7. Carrie 

After bullying at school and a lack of freedom at home, Carrie reluctantly accepts an invitation to Prom from Tommy Ross. However, when she attends the dance, the darkness within her takes over.

This is yet another story based on a Stephen King novel with two film adaptations: Brian De Palma directs the 1976 version while Kimberly Peirce directs the 2013 version.

8. World War Z

Gerry Lane travels internationally in hopes to find a cure for an infectious disease; a disease spread through one bite with symptoms similar to fictional zombies.

With director Marc Foster, this suspense-filled movie is adapted from Max Brooks’ apocalyptic novel.

9. The Amityville Horror

A year after a mass murder took place inside the house, a newly married couple and their children move in, but they start experiencing evil, sinister occurences shortly after. It is based on the real familicide by Ronald DeFoe Jr.

Jay Anson is the author of the 1977 novel. Two years later, The Amityville Horror film series begins, with multiple directors over the years.

10. Christine

When Arnie invests in a 1958 Plymouth Fury, he develops an intense obsession and devotion to the car. His best friend Dennis notices the relationship, and after the car comes to life and starts killing people, Dennis and Arnie’s girlfriend are the only ones who can stop it.

Stephen King cranks out yet another novel worthy of a film adaptation. This time, John Carpenter is the director.

Some of these stories are classics with cult followings while others are fairly new, but definitely of the same obsession. This Spooky Season, raise your adrenaline with these thrilling plotlines. Whether you grab your tea and read the books or make popcorn and watch the movies, I hope you enjoy these classic stories.

Cheyenne Halberg is a student at Winona State University with a major in Communication Arts and Literature Teaching. She is from the outskirts of St. Cloud, MN. Cheyenne enjoys writing to express herself and empowering others to do what they love. Her hobbies include spending time with friends and family, watching football, spending time outdoors, crafting and writing. Her life goal is to leave an impression on the next generations that allows them to embrace their unique qualities.
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