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Write for Her Campus! — Summer Recap

Last time we were in Williamstown in May, we had been struck with the news of Ariana Grande’s Manchester Concert bombing attack. Following the event, President Trump said he was going to increase the budget on military expenditures and paid parental leave but decrease it for healthcare and welfare. Democrats were furious.

  • In June, the London Bridge terror attack brought even more deaths and fear to the city, six in total.

  • On June 29th, President Falk also announced that he is stepping down from his position as President of Williams College and will instead be President of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation in New York. The foundation is in charge of dividing $1.65 billion in grant money to private research endeavors in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and economics. So if you’re a small business owner making marble slabs, quick apply now!

  • In July, North Korea launched their first missile attack that puts the U.S. within the range of affected zones.

  • In August, Spain Terror Attack – Some of us who could afford to travel this summer might have found themselves taking extra precautions after the UK and Spain terror attacks.

  • Hurricane Harvey in Houston – Houston’s first responders rushed to help thousands stranded in their homes and cars. We all felt for Miley Cyrus’ emotional reaction on Ellen, but then reminded ourselves she lives in an LA mansion with six dogs, a pig, and four cats and took that empathy back faster than the time it took her to make one swing on that wrecking ball.

  • Charlottesville – Charlottesville , VA became the site of a Neo-Nazi and white supremacist protest that sparked Trump’s reaction that he blames “both sides.” Neglecting to acknowledge how these opinions should not be tolerated in this country. This spiked even more controversy after the protest, after one counter protester, Heather Heyer, died via terrorism that day. Trump’s right hand man, Conservative Steve Bannon, argued paying attention to them and giving them air time on the news was just giving them what they want. He obviously didn’t stay in office for too long after that interview…

  • DACA Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – September 5th, disheartening many of us for the first day of classes, Attorney General Jeff Sessions officially announced the end of the DACA program. This decision sparked a spontaneous protest at the rotary on rt. 2 by local Williamstown professors, town members, and students who showed their support for the program with chants and posters.


Now with the start of the 2017-2018 year, Williams is starting back up with more local events like the Purple Key Fair, first first Fridays, the tag sale, and the plant and succulent sale. While these events are going on around campus, it’s sometimes difficult to remember the bigger picture. At this moment, thousands of people have and will evacuate their homes to run away from hurricane Irma. We can’t always be close to those who need our help the most up North in tranquil, sunny Williamstown. Which makes being here even more of a privilege.

This year is going to be another tough year fighting political injustice and more local, hidden issues on campus. This is a call to arms for all returning Williams students. For this new class of first-years, let’s show how educated, diverse, and mature students fight hate with our words, non-violence, and actions. What we put into Williams is what we get out of it.


If you are interested in learning more about the Williams Chapter for Her Campus or want to give writing/blogging/photography/design a try, contact [email protected].

Nica is a Senior at Williams College majoring in Biology and taking pre-medical courses. She is a member of Ritmo Latino and GQ A cappella. Her passions include public health, reading, and yoga.
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