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‘Tis the season! For fabulous outfits!

Fall! Our favorite fashion season! The layers! The boots! The accessories! The coats! The colors! What could be better?

So, what is in this 2021 fall?

  1. Swirly and psychedelic patterns.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but swirly, 60s discotheque prints are all the rage. Strut around campus in some cool, hypnotic, patterned pants. Pair them with a graphic tee or bright-colored cardigan to really turn some heads. Check out these from Urban. Or sport a fun and trippy mini dress. Layer with an oversized coat to keep you cozy and slip on some chunky boots. Funky earrings optional.

  1. Gorgeous black, heeled booties.

Have you seen those to-die-for, sleek, box-toed boots with those perfectly clunky heels? They pair beautifully with jeans, fall dresses, and everything in between. Plus, they’ll be classic forever. See these from NastyGal and these on Depop.

  1. Boot-cut jeans.

You probably already have a pair of these, but dang! They look good. Tuck in a bold-colored tank or button down or add a crop top. Go for simple, gold accents for jewelry or throw on a belt and some hoops if you really want to go full cowgirl. It’s a look, I promise.

  1. Orange.

The color of the season! Don’t worry about looking like a pumpkin. Sport a chunky burnt orange sweater over a patterned skirt or black jeans. And don’t forget to french-tuck! Tan will be proud. Pair with browns or maroons for a colorful but sophisticated look.

The best thing about fashion is that you get to choose what makes you feel great and confident. So, wear what you want! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to grab a donut and some hot apple cider from the farmer’s market. :)

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Anne Gorayeb

Williams '25

Hi! I'm Anne, Class of 2025 at Williams. I love anything outdoors, I'm excessively clumsy, and you can see me sporting blindingly-bright yellow crocs around campus. Check out my articles for some niche nosh.
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