Survival Kit Review: Freeman Beauty Foaming Mask

This cleanser/mask/scrub/toner combo was probably the thing I was most excited about from this fall’s Survival Kit. The change in the seasons meant my skin was in need of some serious TLC, and I’m always down to try out a new skincare product. So one night, I decided to give it a try. I used it as a mask, but it can also be used as a cleanser, toner, or scrub.

First: Application. It’s a bit drippy, so do it in your bathroom, and it dries kind of quickly, so do it fast. In the travel size, there’s plenty to go around, so remember: a little goes a lon way. It smelled pretty nice and felt slightly tingly—that’s the apple cider vinegar in action. 

Second: The Wait. It dried from a pale pink paste to a white clay crust that cracked whenever I spoke or made any sort of facial expression. Even though it says it’s a foaming mask, don’t expect the kind of foam you get from those carbonated bubble clay masks that are taking the internet by storm recently. It felt pretty tight until it had cracked enough to be more flexible, but that’s pretty standard for a clay mask. The only really annoying part was not being able to scratch my nose, which got a little itchy as the mask dried, but that’s pretty par for the course. 

Third: The Removal. This seriously challenged my washcloth. It took a while to get the mask off, and it was pretty scrubby, so I got a nice exfoliation out of it. The removal is where the foaming happens—once you get most of it off, you can massage your face like you’re using a foaming cleanser, and it’ll foam a little. I used my fingers to put it on without anticipating how drippy it was, so I got a little of the mask in my baby hairs, and that was hard to get out, but I managed. To make removal easier, apply the mask in thin layers, keeping in mind that you need less than you think you do, and be careful to avoid your hairline and eyebrows as well as your eyes (thank goodness this wasn’t a peel-off mask!), and use any excess on your neck, which deserves some love too. 

Fourth: The Results. My skin felt a little tight at first, so I did have to use a light moisturizer, but this mask made my cheeks SO. SOFT. It also made my oily skin noticeably less oily, which I always count as a plus. Overall, I’d count this mask as a win, and I’d definitely use it again, but I’d also definitely use less per application than I did, because this stuff stretches, and I’d be more careful applying it, making sure to avoid my eye area and hairline and to apply a thinner layer. You can get this mask from Freeman Beauty’s website—6 ounces for $4.29 or a half-ounce travel size for $1.99.