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Yes, A Boogie was here. Yes, he wore a hoodie. Yes, I wore mine too. Spring Fling was AMAZING! This year we had Chelsea Cutler as our opener and A boogie headlining. Chelsea Cutler really brought the energy to stage. She definitely pumped the crowd up and got them all ready for the main event. There’s nothing like standing next to hundreds of your closest peer’s body to body with the sweet stench of a lack of deodorant and sweat. One of the best parts of the night was probably pushing past all the people in the front (who probably didn’t know who A boogie was until someone at the pregame played Drowning) and singing all the songs word for word. However, the highlight of my night was almost jumping over the front gate just to get to go on stage. With a lot of liquid courage, getting on stage probably became one of the easiest things that I probably did that day. Before getting on stage the first thing that I thought was, I am not leaving this concert without getting on the stage. The second thing was I’m about to jump over this barrier even though I’m wearing world’s shortest skirt.Once on stage, the next thing I thought was I got to take off shoes it’ll help me dance better. Once the white converse left, so did all inhibitions. ​


Having an artist this year that a lot of the students were interested in was a pretty great experience. I want to thank ACE for organizing a great show. I would also like to thank all of the volunteers that helped with equipment.  Now that we have had a successful concert it’s time to look forward to great performers to come. Hey Ace, we can only go up from here! 

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