The Return of the Bean Boot

Autumn in New England evokes images of bright orange foliage, apple cider, pumpkin spice everything, and of course the perennial Bean Boot. Originally designed by Leon Leonwood  (“L.L.”) Bean in 1911 as a waterproof hunting boot for trekking through the cold, damp forests of Maine, the Bean Boot can now be seen on New England colleges far and wide literally every time it gets sort of rainy or cold. Are they over-hyped and over-worn, or are they truly as great as people say they are? Here are some Bean Boots from around campus.

My Bean Boots, featured here in the obligatory basic fall Instagram #shoefie

Spotted in Mission dining hall

Seen in Goodrich at Stressbusters (which happens on Wednesdays @ 8 pm)

A vintage pair spotted at Stetson-Sawyer Library (these were handed down from the wearer’s mother, showing that Bean Boots certainly do last!)

Willy A entrymates showcase their Bean Boots

Whatever you may think of them, it looks like Bean Boots, like Pumpkin Spice Lattes and chunky knitwear, are a fall staple that’s here to stay. A tip for Bean Boot owners: you may want to waterproof the leather uppers with a spray to protect the leather from water damage so your boots last longer. A tip for everyone: no matter what shoes you wear, thick cotton/wool/other natural-fiber socks are a must to make sure your feet stay cozy in the cold mountain winters we get here. Have a fantastic November and get ready for a great Homecoming!